12 Gorgeous Girl Baby Shower Decorations You Must See! (2024)

Preparing a baby shower for a girl for a friend or family member can seem a little overwhelming because you want to make it so special and momentous for the mom-to-be. so to help you out, we’ve created this blog post with the prettiest girl baby shower decorations we could find. Enjoy!

12 Gorgeous Girl Baby Shower Decorations You Must See! (1)We’ve found great ideas for girl baby shower decorations, such as a pink balloon garland, a diaper cake, a guest book poster, and so much more!

Take a look for yourself…

12 Gorgeous Girl Baby Shower Decorations

1: Girl Baby Shower Balloon Garland

To start off our list of girl baby shower decorations we have this incredible pink, white and confetti balloon garland that you can place over your dessert table to help bring it to life and make it pop.

Balloon garlands are so beautiful and are everywhere at the moment, so you’ll definitely be on trend!

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2: Girl Baby Shower Balloon Backdrop

We’ve also discovered this beautiful balloon backdrop that includes a cool mix of party decorations that will blow your mind!

The pack comes with a white, pink, and grey balloon garland, pink champagne, white and pink tassel garland, and a pink champagne ‘girl’ script balloon, that you can place on the wall behind your dessert table to make your party look gorgeous.

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3: Girl Baby Shower Tassel Curtain Backdrop

Another way to create a stunning backdrop for your little girl’s baby shower is to use this spectacular pink, cream, and pink champagne tassel curtain.

Not only will it look fabulous as a backdrop to your dessert table, but you can also use it as a backdrop for your photo booth. Totally Instagramable!

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4: Girl Baby Shower Balloons

You could also scatter a number of these wonderful confetti ‘Baby Girl’ balloons throughout your party for a quick and easy baby shower decoration.

You could place two bunches at either side of your dessert table to help make it shine!

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5: Girl Baby Shower Name Sign

You are so going to love this wooden personalized name sign. You could also place it behind you’re dessert table and use it, not only as a decoration for your girl baby shower but for a wall decoration in your baby’s nursery.

It’s got such a girly look to it! We love it.

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6: Girl Baby Shower Flower Letters

Another gorgeous baby shower decoration would have to be these floral letters made with artificial flowers. You can either have just a monogram, or even spell out your baby girls name, and hang on a wall for an impressive backdrop.

Just like the previous wooden name sign, these floral letters can double up as a nursery decoration for your baby girl.

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7: Girl baby shower Welcome Sign

Place a welcome sign at the entrance to your baby shower so your guests know they’ve arrived.

This printable floral one is so pretty and will look wonderful placed on a stand at the doorway of your celebration.

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8: Girl Baby Shower Diaper Cake

A diaper cake is a must and is an adorable decoration for a baby shower.

This magical bunny themed one is so pretty and so feminine. What’s not to love about it? You can bet our hearts are melting!

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9: Girl Baby Shower ‘Mommy to Be’ Chair Decoration

The mommy-to-be also has to be celebrated, and what a better way to do so than with this fun pink sign placed on her chair!

This mommy-to-be sign is also a fun photo booth prop and a wonderful keepsake.

12 Gorgeous Girl Baby Shower Decorations You Must See! (10)

10: Girl Baby Shower Modern Floral Centerpiece

If your baby shower theme is rustic modern, then this centerpiece is perfect for you!

This geometric gold centerpiece will look beautiful filled with lovely flowers and placed on each table, and totally on trend.

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11: Girl Baby Shower Guest Book Poster

A guest book is a great addition at a baby shower. You and your little girl can look back on it together and you can tell her all about your wonderful day and the loving people you have in your lives.

So, how about instead of having an actual book, having a poster that your guests can fill in and that can be cherished in your baby girls nursery?! We think it’s a smashing idea, don’t you?!

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12: Girl Baby Shower Pink Star Paper Plates

To finish off our list of girl baby shower decorations, we’ve added these pretty pink paper plates with large white stars.

You can imagine how adorable they’ll look at your girl baby shower, right?! Use them for party food or better still for the baby shower cake!

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12 Gorgeous Girl Baby Shower Decorations You Must See! (2024)


What are the colors for a baby girl shower? ›

Pastel Balloon Wall Baby Shower Decor

Create an entire wall of pastels with gold or silver accents for a dreamy backdrop that will take any girl-mama's big day to the next level.

How to decorate for a baby shower? ›

While party themes are not required, an inventive and thoughtful aesthetic that speaks to the personality of the parents-to-be and makes your gathering even more festive. Choose bright colors, pretty flower arrangements, fun balloon displays, and a coordinated palette to pull your theme together.

How much do people spend on baby shower decorations? ›

Either way, a fairly average cost for decorating a baby shower is likely between $50 - 100.

What makes a baby shower special? ›

Remember, a baby shower is about two things: gifts and conversations. Even if you aren't “showering” the guests of honor with gifts like you did during the first party, enjoying each other's company is still an important part of celebrating their new bundle of joy.

Who pays for a girls baby shower? ›

Most often, the host pays for the baby shower.

What is a neutral color for baby shower? ›

Soft, earthy browns, metallics and off-whites are sweet and match just about everything. Having an all white baby shower is clean and classy and makes a perfect gender neutral theme. You can choose soft pastels for a sweet celebration or opt for bright colors if you want something more punchy and eye-catching.

What are good baby shower favors? ›

Here are some of our favorite baby shower favors.
  • Baby Shower Body Scrub. Photo & to purchase: LuluSugar via Etsy. ...
  • Bath Bomb Baby Shower Favors. ...
  • Succulent Baby Shower Favors. ...
  • Candle Baby Shower Favors. ...
  • Bubbly Baby Shower Favors. ...
  • Baby Shower-Themed Lip Balm. ...
  • Bookmark Baby Shower Favors. ...
  • Baby Shower Koozies.

How do you make a baby shower elegant? ›

Nix the Games and Opt for a Hands-On Activity

For instance, buy some neutral swaddle or burp cloths and have everyone take part in indigo-dyeing them with different patterns, or using various natural food-derived dyes to get a well-rounded palette (like turmeric, onion skins, beets or berries).

Do you need decorations for a baby shower? ›

Baby shower decorations can be elaborate (a welcome sign, table centerpieces and balloons) or relatively simple (just some flowers). You don't have to go all-out and revamp the space. Instead, zero in on a few noteworthy details, from a pretty buffet table to an aesthetically pleasing photo wall, for example.

What do you give for baby shower prizes? ›

Baby Shower Prize Ideas Under $10
  • Manicure Set. Fill a tiny gift bag with a bottle of nail polish in a trendy color, an emery board, nail clippers or nail scissors, and you're all set!
  • Tea Mug Set. ...
  • Bamboo Plant. ...
  • Selection of Lip Balms. ...
  • Lottery Tickets or Scratch-Offs.
Jul 14, 2021

Who pays for food at baby shower? ›

Who Foots The Bill? The host pays for the expenses of the baby shower. That being said, co-hosting a shower with one or two others is a good way to split the costs (and the planning).

What is a good amount to spend for a baby shower? ›

For coworkers or acquaintances, people tend to spend around $30 to $50. For friends or distant relatives, many people spend between $50 and $100. For close friends or family members, most people spend between $100 and $200 or more.

Who not to invite to your baby shower? ›

The modern baby shower has no strict rules: You can invite whoever the family wants to be included.

What can I do instead of games at a baby shower? ›

13 Unique Baby Shower Activities That Aren't Games
  • DIY Onesie Station. Create a DIY Onesie Station! ...
  • Time Capsule of Memories. ...
  • Perk Up Parents During Midnight Feeds. ...
  • Blessing Ring. ...
  • Prediction Cards. ...
  • Table Top Tree Wishes. ...
  • Baby First Alphabet Sheets. ...
  • Advice For Parenthood.
Nov 22, 2023

Should baby shower honor mom or baby? ›

Traditionally, the mother-to-be is the guest of honor at the baby shower. That said, if you're hosting a couples' shower, then you should list both parents as the guests of honor.

What are the best colors for a baby girl? ›

Coral, mint, and even shades of gray, paired with sweet pinks or lilac, create delightful nurseries for baby girls. Mixing and matching colors can help design a space that reflects the personality of the little one and brings warmth to the room.

What color should a baby girl room be? ›

Pink and white are traditional and popular baby girl room colors. Paint the nursery walls in any shade from pale pink to hot pink, balancing them with a white crib, area rug, changing table or nursery dresser.

What is the color for newborn baby girl? ›

Pinks and purples are definitely the most popular for baby girls. But I am always so happy when clients choose blues, aquas, yellows, or any other shade for their session. And the great thing is, you don't really have to choose just one.

What are the colors for baby reveal? ›

The gender reveal party often involves gender stereotypes such as pink and blue denoting girls and boys, respectively.

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