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y/n felt nervousness surge through her body as she drove to her best friend, breezy's house. it was thanksgiving, or as breezy had called it after inviting y/n, friendsgiving. y/n didn't have a lot of friends, but her only options were thankgiving with her disrespectful family members, hanging with breezy or staying alone and sad for the day, she didn't want that. it took breezy a whole 15 minutes over the phone to convince her best friend to accept her invitation. there was only one problem-

y/n had never met the other people who were invited.

when y/n pulled into the driveway, she held her breath. despite how many people were coming, there was only two cars parked there, excluding hers. she saw the door opening, breezy standing there with her husband, a bunch of other people peering through the window to see who just arrived. y/n cursed at her self and took a quick second to fix her hair before shoving the car keys in her purse and opening the door.

"y/n! it's so nice to see you again!" breezy tackled her into a hug, making her giggle.

"it's nice to see you too," y/n replied, holding her best friend close until breezy pulled away and turned towards her husband. y/n looked up at the tall man with a shy smile.

"this is dallon, the guy i was always talking about?" breezy told her, making sure she remembered exactly who she was talking about. as if it was hard to forget. dallon held his hand out to shake, which y/n happily did.

"a pleasure to meet you, y/n," dallon grinned, "i've heard great things about you."

after they were introduced, breezy grabbed her best friend's hand and dragged her inside, dallon followed behind them, chuckling at his wife's excitement.

"happy friendsgiving losers! i brought a friend!" breezy exclaimed. suddenly, all eyes were on them, especially y/n. the first one to catch her eye was a boy with purple hair next to a brunette boy with a nose-ring. the one with the nose ring wore a blue jean-jacket and a shirt that, in bold letters, read 'geoff is a nice boy'. the one with purple hair wore a black leather jacket and a white shirt underneath. for a breif moment, they held eye contact before y/n broke it to look at breezy. "this is y/n, my best friend. y/n, this is jacob, ryan, geoff, otto and awsten."

"with a w instead of a u!" the one with purple hair, awsten, exclaimed jokingly, earning a laugh from everyone except for y/n, as she didn't get the joke. quietly, she mumbled a quiet

"awsten? like . . with a w?" luckily, no one heard the question she had asked herself. everyone in the room said different variations of hello in unison. breezy's eyes scanned the room so she could find a space for y/n to sit while dallon set the table and she finished cooking. she pointed to a small space she could squeeze in between awsten and otto.

"why don't you sit here and make friends? i'll be in the other room and dallon is just setting the table." y/n nodded and looked at both of them for permission to sit. they both nodded and smiled, scootching over to make more room for her. they all made awkward small talk until breezy walked in the room with a glare.

"dallon!" she hissed, pointing to the staircase. "our children are sleeping, you all need to quiet down, please." everyone nodded and spoke in a mkre hushed tone. "on that note, the food's ready!"

everyone sat down at the table, y/n seated on the very end oppisite to dallon and breezy, geoff and awsten on either side of her. everyone waited in anticipation for breezy to bring out the turkey. suddenly, the familiar scent flooded the crowded dining room


y/n put down her fork and pushed her now empty plate away, she looked around at everyone else to see if she was the only one done. of course she finished first. she covered her mouth when a tiny burp erupted from her mouth, making awsten erupt into a laughing fit.

"excuse me." she muttered embarassedly, taking a sip of her drink.

it was a while until everyone else was done and they had dessert. dallon informed y/n that his band was on tour with awsten's band and that they had to leave soon. dallon and breezy went up the stairs to say bye to his children and y/n was chatting with otto. geoff and awsten were playfighting on the weekes household's lawn, laughing loudly while their photographer took photos.

dallon approached y/n, giving her a hug and telling her how it was great to meet her and stuff.

"ready to go, otto?" dallon asked earning a nod.

"boys, say bye to y/n!"

geoff and awsten waved at her before heading towards the car that everyone, including the photographer and tour manager, would get into.


y/n was sitting on breezy's lawn, it was dark and a bit cold. she layed on the grass and thought about him.

his bright hair, sparkling eyes, amazing sense of humor.

while she ran her hands through the grass, her fingers brushed against a strange object that was attached to a string of some sort.

after pulling out her phone and using her flashlight, she realized it was the necklace that awsten had did wearing.

"i should get this back to him." she muttered to herself. after saying goodbye and goodnight to breezy, she drove home and start writing a note to awsten.


dear awsten with a w, not a u,

you dropped your necklace and i wanted to get it back to you as soon as possible, excuse me for being impatient. i only met you today, but you're super cute and nice. if you want to send me a message, here's my number.


- y/n l/n


awsten tore open the envelope that came from a pile of fanmail. his eyes widened as he saw his necklace. without hesitation, he put it on and read the note over and over again.

"damn, that was smooth." otto said from behind, reading the note as well.


i added some waterparks because i love awsten and otto and geoff snd ryan (seaman) so much okok

what do y'all think of this imagine? i actually kinda like it

-𝑮𝑼𝒀𝑳𝑰𝑵𝑬𝑹 ↝ 𝑬𝑴𝑶 𝑰𝑴𝑨𝑮𝑰𝑵𝑬𝑺 - friendsgiving - awsten knight x reader (2024)
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