Gun For Hire Employee Only Shoot - Gun For Hire Academy (2024)

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Gun For Hire Employee Only Shoot - Gun For Hire Academy (3)

Gun For Hire Employee Only Shootout

For Gun For Hire employees, by Gun For Hire employees. Check out the details below and enter to win a gun!

You will have 2 weeks to enter and shoot in the Gun For Hire Shooting League. There will be 2 “Open Shoots” in which any employee who is signed up can come shoot the course of fire with other employees in a league style event. For those who can not make it during the “Open Shoots” you can come on your off day (specific details listed below) to compete.
– It is a timed shoot, in each shooting portion of the scenario, you will have 10 seconds to shoot.
– You will shoot 50 rounds of ammo per firearm entered.
– Full details below!


League Details and Rules:
  • You must own your own firearm. You can not use a rental to compete.
  • You must select 1 ticket for each firearm.
  • Everyone from Red Shirts up through Owners can compete.
    • Owners can not win.
    • Grey shirts are not eligible to compete
  • You can compete with multiple firearms, but you must pay for a ticket for each firearm you compete with.
    • IE: You can shoot a Glock 19, Sig Sauer P320 and a CZ Shadow 2, but you need 3 tickets.
  • You must shoot “cold” no practice rounds.
    • If you’re shooting multiple firearms on the same day, the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, so on will not be cold. But your initial shots must be cold.
  • There will be an open employee shoot on Tuesday, June 18th and Tuesday, June 25th from 10:30am-11:30am. During this time, any employee competing is able to come in and shoot the course of fire.
    • Outside of the open employee shoot times, you must come in Monday-Thursday during open hours when you’re not on shift and when R3 is not in use to compete.
    • Range 3 NOT AVAILABLE
      • Monday, June 17th: 5pm-9pm
      • Tuesday, June 18th: 12pm-3pm & 6pm-8pm
      • Wednesday, June 19th: Whole Day (Blackout Date for the holiday)
      • Thursday June 20th: 1pm-3pm & 4pm-9pm
      • Tuesday, June 25th: 12pm-3pm & 6pm-8pm
      • Wednesday, June 26th: 6pm-9pm
      • Thursday, June 27th: 1pm-3pm & 4pm-9pm

*Schedule is subject to change – if you’re coming in at an off time and want to confirm, email or call Concierge 888-486-3674 to confirm R3 availability.

  • This is supposed to be fun for employees by employees. Please respect Gun For Hire, the competition, your coworkers and those who are RSOing to make sure this is fun for all.

  • You can NOT shoot alone in the range. All GFH rules for employee shooting still apply. If you are coming at an off time, you must make sure to meet up with another employee to RSO you. RSOs and employees who are “on-shift” will NOT be pulled from the range to RSO.

  • If you are not following Gun For Hire’s rules for employee shooting AND the rules of the competition you will be disqualified.

Required Gear
  • A Handgun (Must be registered to you. Rentals will not be available. You must have your own handgun and FID card.)
  • 50 rounds of ammo for each firearm
  • 3 (10 round minimum) magazines required

No Revolvers. Must Be Semi-Auto Pistols Only.

*If you do not have the required gear, you will not be able to participate. The course of fire requires all of the above.*

Course of Fire
  • The course of fire will be timed on #2 league targets which move on an autmoatic sequence in Range 3.
  • There will be two strings of fire
    • Scenario A
    • Scenario B
  • You will have 10 seconds to shoot 10 rounds at 5 unknown distances.
    • One scenario will have a 3 round shooting sequence, the other scenario will have a 2 round shooting sequence.
  • There are no reshoots.
Scoring and Raffle Prize
  • For fairness, all scoring will be done by Phoebe. When you are done shooting, you’ll take your 2 targets and your score sheet, staple them together and leave them NEATLY at Concierge.
  • In each division “Stock” and “Unlimited” there is a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winner in each division
    • 1st place = 5 name entries in the raffle
    • 2nd place = 3 name entries in the raffle
    • 3rd place = 2 name entries in the raffle
    • Any other place = 1 entry in raffle.
  • The money collected for entries will be put on a gift card/store credit for the winner to use in the gun store for a firearm AT COST. The more entries who compete, the higher the prize fund is.
  • After the scores have been finalized. There will be a random drawing for the employee raffle. (You pay $16 NICS).

Pistol Shootout Divisions
(9mm, .380, .40 and .45 only – .22 is not an allowed caliber)


Firearms are considered to be “Stock” if all firearm components are “straight from the box”. No modifications have been made to your firearm, including trigger modifications, sight changes, grip alterations, caliber conversions, etc.


Firearms are considered to be “Unlimited” if any firearm components are modified from the original condition. Modifications include trigger modifications, sight changes, grip alterations, caliber conversions, etc.


*Raffle Drawing: Terms and Conditions may apply. Must be NJ resident with NJ FID to win. No trade-ins or store credit.

Gun For Hire Employee Only Shoot - Gun For Hire Academy (2024)
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