How To Plan A Delicious Super Bowl Viewing Party (2024)

The Super Bowl is the biggest event of the year for football fans. But even for those who really don’t care about who may be playing (and even who the winning team may end up being), they probably have plans to attend a viewing party.

The Super Bowl viewing party is almost as popular as celebrating a holiday, and in a lot of ways, the planning is just as high pressure. The goal though is to have a night that is fun and casual, and has lots of great food.

“Keep things fun and easy with a few football-themed decorations, and you can use streamers and balloons in the colors of the teams playing,” said Maggie Gillette, a fashion and lifestyle expert.

That means, having an informal getting-to-know you plan. “If you have a lot of guests who don’t know each other, provide name tags and add a sticker so they can pick which team they’re rooting for to get conversations rolling,” said Gillette.

Also, since this is a social event that draws people who might not usually watch a football game, have a game that focuses on the other big attraction of the night-the commercials. “You can have people vote on their favorites in different categories, like the funniest, sweetest, or best overall,” said Gillette.


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Planning the Menu

When hosting a Super Bowl viewing party, it’s important to consider the reality that your guests will include a range of different tastes and dietary preferences. “With that in mind, make sure to serve a variety of options! If you go with just bar staples, you may alienate those trying to eat healthier. On the other hand, if you're choosing to continue with your New Year’s resolution diet, you may be disappointing people who look forward to fun, fatty bites on this specific day,” said Joshua Resnick, chef-instructor of Culinary Arts at the Institute of Culinary Education.

As a football fan himself, Resnick (who has hosted Super Bowl and playoff watch parties before) also thinks it’s a good idea to make dishes that don't require too much cooking at the last minute and are instead more prep heavy. “That way, I can still be a good host and also enjoy the game and commercials,” said Resnick.

You can’t go wrong with chicken wings for the Super Bowl. However, the key is to have an assortment of sauces. “One I love to make is a mix of sweet Thai chili sauce, sweet soy sauce and a drop of pineapple juice. A simple chipotle BBQ sauce is another great option, as well as a creamy cilantro curry sauce,” said Sodexo Live! Executive Chef Jonathan Cowan, Hard Rock Stadium (home of the Miami Dolphins)

Of course, as popular as wings are some great sliders. “Sliders are another one of my favorite dishes for the Super Bowl, and they’re easy for any type of at-home chef. I put a nice seasoned Wagyu beef patty or a fried chicken thigh on a soft potato roll with roasted garlic aioli, thin sliced tomato, shredded lettuce, and pickle slices to give it some crunch,” said Cowan.

But have fun with your menu, and appeal to what your guests and the area you are in most enjoy. “Being based in Miami, a Super Bowl staple here is fresh made empanadas stuffed with beef picadillo or coconut braised chicken, served with sofrito sauce. It’s something that might be a fun surprise for your guests if you want to branch out beyond the traditional dishes you’d expect at a Super Bowl party,” said Cowan.

The Drink Options

Since the Super Bowl takes place in the middle of winter, some hot drinks may be appealing. “You could set up a hot toddy bar with a few different spices like cloves, star anise, and cinnamon to infuse into their beverages as well as different fruit garnishes or to muddle in so guests can put their spin on this classic winter drink. Another great option for a family-friendly party is a hot cocoa bar with toppings like marshmallows, crushed candy canes, whipped cream, and sprinkles that is sure to please kids and grownups alike,” said Gillette.

Pre-batching co*cktails saves the host a ton of work. “My go-to tip is batching the spirits together and keeping the mixers separate,” said Farow restaurant co-owner + chef Patrick Balcom. “For margaritas, I love a margarita bar, I would put the tequila and triple sec together in one bottle, then I would keep lightly sweetened lime juice in another container for the guests to mix themselves. I leave out a jigger and recipe for people to make the perfect marg at the drink station,” said Balcom. For a leveled up margarita bar, you can leave out purees to make some different flavor margaritas like mango, coconut, pineapple or strawberry.

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It’s Better To Have Too Much Food

There’s nothing worse than running out of food before the game is even over! “When planning, keep in mind that there will be at least 4+ hours of gameplay, commercials, and Rihanna performing. It’s essential to have enough food to last at least 5 hours for your guests to nibble on throughout the excitement. I typically like to have 3 to 4 appetizers, 2 to 3 protein and alternative protein-centric dishes, 1 to 2 vegetable dishes, and at least 2 dessert options for the party,” said Celebrity Chef Kai Chase.

That means having a lot of food to graze on, even aside from the big bites. “I’ve found that the most popular appetizers and hors d’oeuvres that are always a hit to have around at parties are homemade chips and dips, such as guacamole or hummus, cheese and charcuterie boards, and, of course, party wings,” said Chase, who said for the entrée dishes, her go-to’s typically include a hearty chicken chili with all the toppings, a pot of Creole seafood gumbo with mini corn bread muffins, or a taco bar with all the fixings and diverse salsa options.

Plan For Leftovers

Ask your guests to bring their own reusable to-go boxes or Tupperware to take home extra food! “Nothing tastes as good as leftover seven-layer dip once all the flavors have marinated,” said Chase.

All in all, planning is key. Prep as much as you can the day before so you’re not spending all day in the kitchen. “Have all the food ready to fire up, and have your platter and garnishes ready to go so you can enjoy the game and your guests!” said Cowan.

How To Plan A Delicious Super Bowl Viewing Party (2024)


How To Plan A Delicious Super Bowl Viewing Party? ›

You can't go wrong with pizza and beer, but other stadium favorites include hot dogs and hamburgers, nachos, pretzels, chips and dip, and Buffalo wings. Handheld desserts like brownies, football-themed cookies, and cupcakes can be easily enjoyed in front of the TV.

How to have an awesome Super Bowl party? ›

If your guests are arriving early, you can play some games beforehand, getting everyone into the spirit of the day. You can also play games that last all evening long, like Super Bowl Bingo, or games involving rating every commercial you see. There are plenty of great ideas for Super Bowl games out there.

What 2 foods are most commonly served at Super Bowl parties? ›

"But what are people ordering for their Super Bowl watch parties?" is a question you may ask yourself because you're looking to create a game day menu. The three most popular Super Bowl dishes people order are pizza, chicken wings, and chips with dips.

How to throw an epic Super Bowl party? ›

How to Throw a Super Bowl Party
  1. 1 Decorate your table to look like a football field.
  2. 2 Use banners and balloons to deck out the space in team colors.
  3. 3 Create a Super Bowl bar with team themed drinks.
  4. 4 Use faux grass as coasters.
  5. 5 Lay out football themed appetizers.
  6. 6 Theme snacks around teams' locations.

How to make a Super Bowl fun? ›

Super Bowl Ideas for Kids
  1. Super Bowl Bingo. A Bingo Card and some fun, simple prizes are a great way to keep older kids interested in the game – even if football isn't usually their thing. ...
  2. The Puppy Bowl. ...
  3. Face Painting. ...
  4. Paper Football Origami. ...
  5. A Football Themed Craft Station. ...
  6. Mascot Dress Up. ...
  7. Snack Duty.

What is the best outfit for Super Bowl party? ›

Start with a pair of cute black jeans and a T-shirt, for instance, and then add a sweater, boots and outerwear in red, white or gold.

What are the top food items that Americans have at their Super Bowl parties? ›

Super Bowl Food: What is the most popular for parties?
  • #10- Chili. The plethora of different options for toppings and flavors makes chili a great dish for any Super Bowl party. ...
  • #9- Spinach Artichoke dip. ...
  • #8- Meatballs. ...
  • #7- Pigs in a blanket. ...
  • #6- Veggie tray. ...
  • #5- Deviled Eggs. ...
  • #4- Sliders. ...
  • #3- Nachos.
Feb 11, 2024

What is the average number of people at a Super Bowl party? ›

AND WHAT ABOUT THOSE SUPER BOWL PARTIES? 41: Days in advance, on average, Super Bowl plans are made. 20 million: Number of Americans attending a Super Bowl party. 17: Average number of people attending each party.

What time should you start a Super Bowl party? ›

Starting the festivities too early is not only a good way to run out of food before halftime, it's also just begging your guests to drink too much too fast. suggests kicking off the celebration about 90 minutes before kick-off.

How do you throw a spectacular party? ›

Here are some steps to take to host a memorable event.
  1. Plan Effectively.
  2. Send Catchy Invitations.
  3. Make Your Home a Party Place.
  4. Decorate the Tables.
  5. Give the Party a Good Start.
  6. Regulate Food and Drinks.
  7. Make Your Guests Feel Special.
  8. Engage in Games.
Dec 1, 2022

How to host a Super Bowl party on a budget? ›

Keys to hosting a Super Bowl Party on a budget:
  1. Don't get too extravagant with the food options.
  2. Decorations are fun, but don't go over the top.
  3. Plan ahead, make a budget and stick to it.
  4. Potluck style is a good option for everyone to contribute a little.
Feb 6, 2024

How to organize a Super Bowl party? ›

Super Bowl Party DOs and DON'Ts
  1. DO make it clear to guests if they should bring something. ...
  2. DO encourage guests to wear something comfortable. ...
  3. DO plan on people arriving and leaving throughout the game. ...
  4. DON'T expect all guests to be football fanatics. ...
  5. DON'T allow kids unless you are prepared to entertain the little ones.

What do people do at the Super Bowl party? ›

Stereotypical Super Bowl parties use tablecloths, paper plates, and temporary decor pieces with standard football stadium designs. They typically serve wings, burgers, and/or pizza. There's usually a lot of beer involved and plenty of shouting at the television.

What makes a Super Bowl ad good? ›

And while the classic Super Bowl ad ingredients include humor, nostalgia, celebrities, special effects, and, of course, animals, there is a strong case to be made for brand purpose during the big game. That is, ads that showcase a brand's positive impact on society and reason for being beyond just selling products.

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