Judy Byington: Military Takes Control in July, Mass Arrests, Black Swan Event, BlackRock, Flynn, Durham NCSWC | Politics | Before It's News (2024)

Judy Byington: Military Takes Control in July, Mass Arrests, Black Swan Event, BlackRock, Flynn, Durham NCSWC | Politics | Before It's News (1)

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Wed. 27 July 2022

Compiled Wed. 27 July 2022 by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, Therapist ret, Journalist, Author, “Twenty Two Faces: Inside the Extraordinary Life of Jenny Hill and Her Twenty-Two Multiple Personalities”

The Storm is Upon Us.

Let There Be Light.


Enjoy the Show.

Trust the Plan

Justice is Coming

Judy Note: All indications were that:

A Worldwide Black Swan Event, Market Crash and Big Bank collapse was expected by the end of July.

Soon to follow was Military Action that would invoke worldwide Martial Law, along with launch of the Emergency Broadcast System and a ten day lockdown of the world economy while eight hour documentary broadcast played 24/7 to inform the general public of reasons for worldwide Mass Arrests.

Restored Republic Update:

Subpoenas have been served to Anthony Fauci, to other top officials in the Biden administration, and to five social media companies for allegedly colluding to suppress free speech.

An Earth-shattering Event invoking “Great Reveal Mass Military Action” was expected to occur sometime before the end of the month.

That Military Action would likely invoke worldwide Martial Law, along with launch of the Emergency Broadcast System and a ten day lockdown of the world economy while eight hour documentary broadcast played 24/7 to inform the general public of reasons for worldwide Mass Arrests.

The purpose of Martial Law: to maintain order until valid elections could be held in each country based on the basic Human Rights to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

It was highly recommended that households store at least a three week supply (some recommend a three month’s supply) of food, fuel, essential items and cash in case of ATM, or Bank failure.

Black Swan Event:

Market Crash, World War III and Imminent Big Banks Collapse:https://rumble.com/v1dlyd9-market-crash-world-war-iii-and-the-imminent-big-banks-collapse.html

A collapse is coming and riots around the world; turn off supply chains; cripple the banks; ATMs having trouble; from Middle East Iran (spreading) supply/food chain riot’s to Peru riot’s. This Event is spreading and coming at an immense pace now.

This Event is going to trigger a Near Death of Civilization Event.

Civilizations are going to be so upset by the stolen money, Elites, fake Pandemic, forced goods/supply chain shortage, inflation, excuses by governments. People will become so angry that they will riot and protest by the hundreds of millions.

This Event was expected to last only for a short time. You should be prepared (food, supplies, natural resources for energy and protection).

We are wading into the Black Swan Event.

How the GREAT RESET could spell the END of the Globalist Cabal:https://www.brighteon.com/e4fa7c6e-85f4-4b37-b17b-453bfb591e4c

Global Financial Crisis:

The White House put out a statement trying to change the definition of recession. We guess that means we will find out this week that we are officially in a recession. July 28th. GDP meeting. Get ready for market crash.

Biden: “We’re not going into a Recession. We are in a Depression not a Recession.” Get ready for Thurs. 28 July GDP meeting. They will announce the Recession and it will crash the Market even more.

Nancy Pelosi Recommends Insider Trading to avoid pain at the pump:https://usafirstreporting.com/nancy-pelosi-recommends-avoiding-pain-at-the-pump-by-becoming-a-millionaire-through-insider-trading/

Your Evening Briefing: How BlackRock Lost $1.7 Trillion in Six Months:https://www.bloomberg.com/news/newsletters/2022-07-20/bloomberg-evening-briefing-how-blackrock-lost-1-7-trillion-in-six-months

Global Food, Fuel, Goods Crisis:

If Only They Would Have Listened to Trump… Russia to Drastically Cut Gas Supplies to Germany and Europe Once Again Following Drastic Cuts in June:https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2022/07/listened-trump-russia-drastically-cut-gas-supplies-germany-europe-following-drastic-cuts-june/

COVID QR codes now being used to RATION FUEL in Sri Lanka as economic collapse accelerates:https://www.naturalnews.com/2022-07-24-covid-qr-codes-ration-fuel-sri-lanka-economic-collapse.html

Cattle LIQUIDATIONS in Texas; media prepping narrative to crush CRYPTO with new SEC regulations on digital securities:https://naturalnews.com/2022-07-25-cattle-liquidations-in-texas-media-narrative-crush-crypto.html

UN and World Economic Forum Behind Global ‘War on Farmers’:https://breakingheadlines.news/thSJYP
How A Russian Gas Freeze Would Curtail European GDPs:https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/how-russian-gas-freeze-would-curtail-european-gdps

EU Natural Gas Prices Soar As Gazprom Readies Nord Stream Cuts, US NatGas Hits 14-Year High:https://www.zerohedge.com/commodities/european-natural-gas-prices-jump-gazprom-prepares-nord-stream-cuts

John Durham Report:

BlackRock and State Street Capital own and control a web of global assets and dictate the future of the world through insiders in the White House. It’s time to end the world dominance these financial titans have on us.

Ben Rich, Director of the Lockheed Skunkworks, states the government has spent billions building aircraft based on ET technology.

US Senator Cynthia Lummis purchased Jacobs Engineering Group $1 on September 3rd, 2021. Almost one month later Jacobs Engineering won a three year contract with the U.S. Army’s Engineer Research and Development Center. Jacobs also won a $44 million Nuclear Generation contract.

Demonstrations and Riots:

Canada – Ontario: Massive support from the Canadians to the Dutch farmers!

Canada – Alberta, Airdrie: more are joining the convoy in solidarity with farmers. The convoy is now merging up with the convoy from Olds as it makes its way towards Edmonton.

2020 Election Fraud:

Episode 1 – Pima County, AZ: Captain K explains how Joe Biden has at least 56,000 excess votes in Pima County, well over the amount needed to flip the state’s winning margin.https://rumble.com/embed/v1b02ul/?pub=17lkfx

Episode 2 – Maricopahttps://rumble.com/v1dlcy9-episode-2-maricopa-county-az.html

Episode 3 – Pinalhttps://rumble.com/embed/v1b2u2b/?pub=17lkfx

Weather Manipulation:

Czech Republic: Dozens evacuated as forest fire rages in Czech Republic

The Real News for Tues. 26 July 2022:

Classified Document Released: NR 44 Barry Soetoro aka Barrack Obama’s Columbia University student ID showed him as a foreign student.

Whistleblowers have come forward alleging a widespread effort within the FBI to downplay or discredit negative information about Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, according to letters reviewed by CBS News.https://www.disclose.tv/id/1551723976765890560/

1972 L.A Times, Subterranean Bullet Trains: “A Rand corporation physicist has devised a rapid transit system to get you from Los Angeles to NY in half an hour for a $50 fair. He said existing technology made such a system feasible and so does a cost analysis.”

White Hat Intel:

A lot of information on the Global Military Operation to shutdown Bitcoin Mining, which was invented by CIA, UK Royals, Rothschilds, Guthrie Castle & put mainly in the hands of CCP for Nefarious Activities..

Q Save The World shows you US vs China Tech War & shows a Nuke being launched out of a Large Water Body.

Saving Israel for Last has multiple meanings. The Khazarian/Bolshevics own Big Pharma but it is in Wuhan.

Just like Gates & Soros have the two Labs in Wuhan, the Rods of God will be whacking Big Pharma. That will certainly hammer the market. This is how we get given 6000 cures, med beds etc. This is why POTUS told us all hospital equipment will be obsolete.

Get Out of Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc. and transfer to Whitehat Proton Mail NOW!

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Most Email providers are highly compromised, Corrupt Deep-State Globalists. DO NOT TRUST: Google, GMAIL, Microsoft, MSN, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc.

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Whistleblower General Flynn exposes the $50 B Gulen Terrorist Network: Flynn discovered that the Obama administration was creating funding and arming of Jihadist who later waved the flag of ISIS

These Jihadist actions were taking place in Turkey and Jordan.

Obama with the help of the help of CIA, NATO and his Jihadist cronies, were seeking to top Assad in Syria.

Flynn can fry Mueller and four treasonous Presidents and take down the NWO agenda within America and at least the last 4 administrations

The Russia hoax is nothing more than to target Flynn, push him out of the Obama administration and to surpress the Gulen terrorist Network to be exposed.

These treasonous administrations created funding of ISIS for a coup in Turkey and growing the largest sleeper cell of terrorists in history.

Bombshell: It was Bill Clinton who brought Gulen and his terrorist network to the United States. In 1998 Bill rolled out the red carpet and had him flown here in a private CIA plane. He knew full well that Gulen was wanted in Turkey and other nations for terrorist activities.

Gulen owned over 200 charter schools, funded by the US and paid for with tax money.

The US/Jihadist morphed into the Arab Spring, destabilized the middle east and created the orchestrated migration crises.

Hillary took part in the launching of the Arab Spring as secretary of state under the Obama administration.

Flynn blew the whistle on the involvement in the Gulen terrorist Network of the Obama Administration and by default of HW Bush, G Bush, Clinton, State Department, FBI, CIA and the DOG.


Behind the scenes, MI6 informed Asian secret societies: “If Zug, Switzerland, the root cause of all world terrorism, is not destroyed, namely the whole of Switzerland and everything connected with it, either now or in the near future, we will stop all East-West contacts.” capable of destroying the global dirty gang HMM, we will take matters into our own hands, and it will be a thermonuclear weapon.”

Many are wondering why the area around Lake Geneva in Switzerland has not yet been attacked with nuclear weapons. There are more than 200 organizations that issue passports granting immunity from prosecution to people anywhere in the world.

Who gave them this right?

The World Economic Forum in Davos and its leader Klaus Schwab Rothschild want to inoculate all people on earth with genetically modified substances that will turn them into pets. Those who accept this regime will be provided with food rations. Those who do not accept it will be eliminated.

The world’s governments have received irrefutable evidence that the so-called United Nations infrastructure in Switzerland is a cover for high-ranking criminals who have taken over most Western civilian governments.

An example of how corrupt the so-called Biden regime is in the US is the fact that last week the Democratic Party unanimously voted for the US Department of Energy to sell oil from the Strategic Oil Reserve of a Chinese company at a discount, in which Hunter Biden participates.https://is.gd/YeJVqg

Larry Fink, CEO of BlackRock and a puppet of the KM puppeteers, says that “markets like totalitarian governments, not democracies,” as in America. He says it openly.

Black Rock, for those of you who don’t know yet, controls most of the world’s multinational corporations, along with Vanguard, State Street and Banking. They are a cover for real controllers, such as the Rothschild and Rockefeller families.

The dismissal of Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi from office is a sign that the P3 Freemasons are finally starting to act. The Goldman Sachs heir Draghi is the former head of the European Central Bank and one of the last remaining leaders of HM in Western Europe. If Emmanuel Macron, the Rothschild slave and president of France, is overthrown, then there will really be an end for the clique in Europe.

Realizing that they were in danger of losing control over the West, these people tried to transfer everything to China in exchange for protection. Listen to Klaus Schwab Rothschild below. Its true meaning is: “Let’s kneel before China and give it a powerful boost on the world stage, and weaken and destroy the United States from within.”

Of course, the Chinese are not fools and understand that trusting these people is like putting the eggs of a parasite wasp into a caterpillar.

There are already signs that China has been eaten from the inside by the Babylonian system of debt slavery, which HM uses to control society.

The Communist Party of China, established by HM, has been at the forefront of promoting a nationwide facial recognition camera system. This allows the authorities to identify any person in a matter of seconds. Then you can get their social credit rating and other data. Those who do not obey will be prohibited from using public transport, etc.

This system is ruining them now. In Henan Province, protesters who approached a bank after their savings were stolen turned off their mobile devices to give the impression that they had “Covid” and needed isolation. This blatant abuse of something designed to protect people made them so angry that the government was forced to send tanks to the streets.

The problem is that it’s not just one bank. The entire Chinese financial system is now collapsing. This will probably lead to the overthrow of the Chinese government. That’s why:

Real estate accounts for almost 80% of all Chinese savings. When prices rose, people felt rich and satisfied. However, prices have risen so much that in some cities the average worker had to spend 44 years of his entire income and go without food and clothes to buy a house. At the same time, almost 30% of all apartments remained uninhabited, because their wealthy owners did not want to rent them out, turning them into a depreciated “used”.

Now that prices are starting to fall across China, individuals and businesses are refusing to pay their mortgages.
According to the latest report, more than 600 properties in 50 cities were affected.

Chinese President Xi Jinping was supposed to be appointed dictator for life in November this year. This seems increasingly unlikely.

An Asian secret society source from Southeast Asia says China is “on the verge of a full-scale popular uprising.” Banks taking people’s money is the last straw after Covid BS has already thrown people into confusion.” The Beijing government has already been forced to cancel mandatory vaccinations within 48 hours after a massive backlash.

The government was also forced to back down after trying to force residents to wear electronic surveillance bracelets, which are worn 24 hours a day. The bracelets are connected to the Internet and measure body temperature every five minutes. The companion app has access to the phone’s location, camera and microphone, according to the state-sponsored China Daily newspaper.


Judy Byington: Military Takes Control in July, Mass Arrests, Black Swan Event, BlackRock, Flynn, Durham NCSWC | Politics | Before It's News (2024)
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