Mum shares her creative and cheap Elf on the Shelf ideas for this Christmas (2024)

Mum shares her creative and cheap Elf on the Shelf ideas for this Christmas (1)
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Elf on the Shelf loves to play the candy cane game

  • Michelle Harris

IT'S almost that time of year to delight our children again with the adoption of the festive Elf on the Shelf.

Pranking the children with every move of the Elf each day on the run up to Christmas is innocent festive fun. And although the Elf on the Shelf has become a popular feature of Christmas, it becomes quite a challenge to come up with new ideas on where and how to hide the Elf.



This teacher and TikTok creative mum @_Maryannn0711 has got you covered if you’re pushed for ideas this year.

From games to keep the kids on their toes to carnival swings that'll bring the house alive - she's thought of it all.

Best part is, all her elf-ish ideas are really easy and cheap to set up.

There's even something in there to keep with the spirit of generosity this Christmas.

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Mum shares her creative and cheap Elf on the Shelf ideas for this Christmas (4)

Elf carnival swings


All you need to replicate this playful wonder are a few card board toilet rolls and some string in the colour of your choice.

In her TikTok clip that has generated over 200 likes, you will see Maryann cut out little seats in to the cardboard toilet rolls for her elf's to sit in.

She then ties her string to each end of the cardboard and attaches them to her ceiling fan.

Just one click and the ceiling her fan is transformed into an elf carnival swing. If you don't have a ceiling fan these will still look great hanging from your ceiling lights.

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Mum shares her creative and cheap Elf on the Shelf ideas for this Christmas (6)

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One follower reacted to the post saying: "I need to borrow this idea. Thank you for posting."

Candy cane game

If you want to get the kids out your hair while you get on with wrapping some presents, then this is a great way to earn a moment to yourself.

All you'll need is a pack of 12 candy canes which you can pick up for just £1 in Poundland.


Plot them up all around the house and challenge the children to find them.

In her clip Maryann hid many of them from door handles throughout the house, on picture frames and in and amongst her children's toys.

Why not hide yours under their pillow or hang them from a houseplant?

Remember to stash a prize for the winner!

Charity game


If you need to declutter and make space for all the new toys which arrive on December 25 then this game is a winner all round.

Not only is this a chance for the children to keep their names off the 'naughty list', it will also be an opportunity for the whole family to remember those in need this holiday season by giving their old toys and clothes to charity.

The creative mum shares how she did it in this TikTok clip by simply using an empty cardboard box with a sign that reads a catchy poem from Santa's elf saying:

" We look around and see lots of toys, would you be willing to give some to other girls and boys?

"Santa was thinking it would be great; if you filled this box with toys to donate."

Hot air balloon


With one empty shoe box, some wrapping paper, fishing wire and a balloon you can recreate this hot air balloon for your naughty elf to swing from.

In her clip Maryann blows up a red balloon and ties four lines of fishing wire to the bobble at the end, to the desired length.

She wraps the empty box in festive wrapping paper for effect then tapes the four lines of wire to each corner of the box.

Once your elf is paced inside the boxed, hang your now hot air balloon to a centre point in any room. A ceiling fan or light perhaps.

Whilst the kids are busy hunting for their elf, they will be surprised to see he was hanging above them all along.


Mum shares her creative and cheap Elf on the Shelf ideas for this Christmas (14)
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Mum shares her creative and cheap Elf on the Shelf ideas for this Christmas (15)
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Meanwhile, other parents race to Poundland to nab the new Elf on the Shelf goodies – prices start at £1 & there’s great stocking fillers.

Whilst another mischief maker set up a really gross prank with her daughter’s Elf on the Shelf – people can’t believe my kid didn’t lose it.

Mum shares her creative and cheap Elf on the Shelf ideas for this Christmas (2024)
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