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May 1st-2nd 2010

The darkness slowly seeps out of his brain. The feeling of waking clouds his mind. He’s hungry, he’s so hungry he finds it hard to think, to breath, to move. He listens and hears a heartbeat thump, thump, thumping away not to far from him. He has very little energy, his prey could fight him and whilst he knows they wouldn’t win, they could hurt him whilst he’s in this state.

Opening his eyes is a task and a half. But once he does he just finds himself surrounded by more darkness and if he didn’t know better he’d think he was still daggered. Because that’s what he had been, daggered. He’d been put down by Nik and Elijah because he’d wanted to go back. Needed to go back. He couldn’t just let Stiles’ body decompose out on that stage for anyone to look and gawk at. He’s properly laid Stiles to rest after each death. He’s given him a proper Viking funeral just like he’d been asked to do if he’d happen to lose him. But he couldn’t last time because they wouldn’t let him. So what if their father was still there. So what if he’d kill Kol, at least Kol would have died by Stiles’ side.

Kol looks over towards the heartbeat and spots a man, standing in the darkness. He’s got his back turned to him. Perfect. Kol uses what little energy he has to speed out of the coffin, get behind the man and bite. The blood is euphoric after what could possibly be a century of sleep. Kol doesn’t stop drinking until the man is dead, then he drops the body on the floor and allows himself to return to 100% functionality.

He can finally see through the darkness like it is day time. And he can hear the sounds from outside the darkness. He can feel himself being moved without actually moving. He thinks he must be in some sort of car. They were barely invented during his time awake. They were loud and obnoxious. This, this is quiet and steady, a low hum with the occasional jolt of noise. It’s been a while then. Kol can see the coffin’s of his siblings on either side of him and then an empty wall.

Kol opens the coffin’s to check who’s awake and who’s asleep. Becca, down, Finn, still down, Elijah, down, weird locked coffin, still unopenable. Okay, that means it’s just him and Nik. No one to help him, but also no one to stop him from tearing his brother to shreds. Kol smirks before hitting the empty wall of the moving vehicle. The sound reverberates and soon he can hear and feel the vehicle stop moving. And not just his vehicle but another one in front of the one he’s in.

He waits as he hears a door open and close. He waits as he hears footsteps coming closer. He waits and waits and waits and then light comes pouring into his enclosed compartment. Kol looks out and down at his brother’s stupid smirking face.

“Finally! I thought you’d never wake up at this rate.” Nik teases.

Kol doesn’t wait another second, he flies out of the vehicle and into his brother. They land on the ground, Kol on top, hands wrapped around his brothers throat.

“You’re not still angry are you?” Nik gasps.

“Angry? No, I’m furious. You didn’t even let me put his body to rest. Who the hell knows what happened to him after you forced us to leave.” Kol growls.

Nik moves his hand up for a punch but Kol grabs it. This unfortunately gives Nik the opening to head-butt Kol, making him move back slightly giving Nik enough space to kick him away. Kol immediately gets back on his feet at a speed only a vampire could accomplish. Nik does the same and now they are both just standing staring at each other.

“You left him to rot.” Kol snarls.

“And for that I am sorry Kol. But he’s not dead anymore.” Nik informs.

“You found him…how long have I been daggered?” Kol inquires.

“91 years.” Nik answers.

“I was right then. He’s returning faster and faster.” Kol says.

“Yes brother. But that isn’t everything. He remembers.” Nik admits and Kol’s breath disappears.

“What…How?” Kol gasps. “How much does he remember? What does he remember?”

“I haven’t gotten the chance to really ask him yet. But he doesn’t remember our first life together.” Nik states.

Kol closes his eyes for a moment. He will always love Stiles no matter the life he’s lived before they’ve met because Stiles is always his Stiles. But a part of him wishes that Stiles would remember their first life together, their longest life together. Their first meeting and first kiss, the first time they told each other ‘I love you’.

“Where is he?” Kol asks.

“He’s sleeping. I didn’t want to wake him. He looks like he hadn’t slept for a couple of days.” Nik says.

“I need…I need to…” Kol doesn’t get a chance to verbalize his need to look his best for their first meeting no matter if Stiles remembers him or not because the next second they hear yelling.

“Klaus! Something’s wrong with Stiles!” A voice yells.

And just like that Kol is off, he freezes at the door to the vehicle. Everything’s new and he doesn’t know how to use any of it. But he can guess. He wraps his hand around what looks to be a handle and pulls towards him. The door opens and Kol spots Stiles. His Stiles.

He’s got a blanket around him and clothes that look like so little compared to what he’s used too. Stiles isn’t making any noise but his heart is beating fast and loud, like it will jump out of his chest at any moment. And his nails are digging into his skin and dragging downwards, leaving long cuts and broken skin. Kol jumps forwards into the vehicle and takes Stiles hands. The touch seems to jolt Stiles as he soon starts screaming and crying and trying to get away.

It breaks Kol’s heart but he’s dealt with this before. He’s dealt with Stiles’ nightmares and Stiles has dealt with his.

“Stiles. Stiles darling.” Kol calls out gently, hoping that hearing his voice will draw Stiles out of his nightmare.

Stiles starts gagging and fighting Kol’s touch. Kol doesn’t want to hurt Stiles so he lets go only for his love to start digging his nails back into his wounds.

“Stiles, darling. Stop your hurting yourself. Stiles…my love….Darling.” Kol pleads.

It feels like hours of Kol waiting but soon Stiles gasps and opens his eyes. Kol is met with a familiar pair of beautiful brown eyes.

“Kol.” Stiles whispers.

“I’m here. I’m here darling.” Kol promises as he pulls Stiles against his chest.

Stiles breaks down into tears and starts mumbling over and over again.

“Why did they do that? Why did they hate me?”

It breaks Kol’s heart that he knows exactly which family, which coven Stiles is talking about.

“They’re dead darling. They’re dead. They will never be able to harm you again.” Kol promises.


“So, that’s Kol.” Stefan says, mostly to himself.

“Yes.” Klaus answers him anyway.

“Stiles doesn’t even know him and yet…” Stefan points out.

“This may be their first meeting in this life Stefan but it doesn’t mean they don’t know each other.” Klaus corrects.

“But…but it’s not the same. Stiles isn’t the same.” Stefan protests.

“It’s never the same decade and it’s never the same family. But Stiles…at a base level is always the same. He’s not a doppelganger Stefan. It’s not like each reincarnation has their own differing personality. They are all exactly, fundamentally the same.” Klaus explains.

“How do you know?” Stefan asks.

“We always ask the same 3 questions, we always get the same three answers.” Klaus informs.

“That’s it?” Stefan asks incredulous.

“Yes, because those three questions tell us something. Stiles hates celery, but not because he hates it, because Kol refuses to eat it and Stiles joined him in solidarity. Stiles loves blueberries because he’d never had them before until Kol fed them to him. And if we ask him what he thinks of pet names he will always answer ‘well we have to call them something’ because when that saying first came around Kol found it hilarious and didn’t stop laughing for ten minutes. Stiles makes that joke every time now because he wants to make Kol laugh, even if he doesn’t realise that’s why he’s doing it.” Klaus explains further.

“So, even in the lives that Stiles doesn’t remember, he still remembers?” Stefan questions.

“Precisely.” Klaus nods.

Stefan watches some more and Stiles holds onto Kol like a lifeline and Kol mutters reassurances into Stiles’ hair. It hurts watching them, reminds him of his own brunette that he’s had to leave behind. That they are still far too close to.

“Shouldn’t we continue to our destination?” Stefan eventually asks.

“Five more minutes…we’ll give them five more minutes.” Klaus says and it almost sounds like a promise, like no matter how much time they give them it will never be enough. Stefan guesses it isn’t because one way or another Stiles seems to keep ending up dead.


Stiles hasn’t let go of Kol since he woke him up. They’ve been driving now for two hours and the only people talking are Klaus and Kol. They are mostly sniping at each other. Stiles looks at Kol and takes him in, it’s the clothing that keeps drawing his attention.

“There was no massacre in 1919 because you’d been daggered the night I was killed.” Stiles mutters as his hand touches the hole where the dagger once pierced.

“Yes.” Kol answers.


“We have to go back!” Kol yells as he struggles to get free from Nik and Elijah’s grip.

“We can’t. Mikael will kill us.” Becca denies.

“Not if I kill him first.” Kol states.

“He will kill you.” Elijah points out.

“He’s only trying to kill Nik. I’ll be fine.” Kol points out.

“No, we stick together.” Nik reminds. “Always and forever.”

“I can’t leave him there. Elijah please.” Kol begs.

“The buildings on fire, he’s likely already…” Elijah starts.

“I don’t care. I’m going back and then I’m going to lay him to rest.” Kol states before managing to throw Elijah off him.

Kol turns to Nik to throw him too but the moment he turns he pauses as he sees the dagger in his hand.

“Nik please.” Kol pleads.

“I’m sorry brother.” Nik apologises.

Elijah comes up behind him and holds him still as Kol struggles. He can hear Becca crying as he tries to fight his way free. Nik holds his eye sight as he pushes the dagger into his heart.

“You’ll see him again brother. We’ll find him for you.”


“I don’t like those daggers.” Stiles decides.

“You never do. I hate them too.” Kol admits.

Stiles gets the feeling he hates them for a different reason than Stiles. Something about his tone just screams it.

“Why do you hate them?” Stiles asks.

“Because the day they were brought into our lives is the day I first lost you.” Kol states sadly.


“Kol? Kol!” He wakes up to the sound of Nik calling his name and hands pulling at his shoulders.

“Be quiet, you’ll wake Stiles.” Kol grumbles as he slowly wakes from what feels like a dead sleep.

“Kol.” Nik’s voice cracks and that has Kol opening his eyes in alarm.

Over the past hundred years Nik has becoming more hard hearted, less overly emotional, so for Nik to sound like Kol has just pulled his brothers heart from his ribcage, something must be wrong.

“What? What’s wrong. What is that?” Kol’s attention is drawn to the dagger in Nik’s hand.

“Alexander and his brothers, they used these daggers to put us down.” Nik answers.

“They found out were vampires?” Kol asks.

“And they put us down, but the daggers don’t work on me. Kol…” Nik’s voice wavers again and his eyes slip to the other side of the bed. Stiles’ side of the bed.

And that’s when Kol gets it. They were putting down vampires. Originals, so they used the daggers but Stiles…Stiles isn’t an Original.
Kol turns his head and feels his heart shatter in his chest at the sight before him. Kol crawls up the bed over to his little witch.

“No. No please. Stiles, Stiles wake up darling. Stiles please.” Kol whimpers as he strokes Stiles’ hair out of his face.

He doesn’t look down, he doesn’t look at the stake sticking out of his chest. Instead his gaze focuses in on the grey pallor of his skin and the veins sticking out.

“Stiles. Stiles don’t do this to me. I can’t live without you please.” Kol gasps.

Kol leans forwards and rests his forehead on Stiles’ and hates the cold feeling against his skin.

“Darling please.” Kol chokes out.


“You were daggered when I died.” Stiles nods, that makes sense. Kol never would have let Stiles be killed unless he physically couldn’t do anything to help.

He’s was held back as Mikael killed him. He wasn’t there as Katherine killed him. And he was daggered when…he wonders who killed him the first time. Stiles doesn’t ask because of the way Kol flinched when Stiles says he died.

“Where are we going?” Stiles decides to ask instead.

“We are going to one of our properties just across the boarder of Kentucky.” Klaus answers.

“The one with the large open hall?” Kol double checks.

“Yes, I thought I’d be the best place for us to stay whilst we search for werewolves.” Klaus says.

“Why are we…you broke your curse.” Kol realises.

Klaus turns slightly to smile at his younger brother.

“Well? Come on tell me about it? How did it go? How do you feel? Finally happy being able to howl at the moon and mark your territory?” Kol teases.

Stiles chuckles. Kol’s always managed to make him laugh, even when he really doesn’t think he can.

“It went swimmingly. But I think it best we not talk about it in present company.” Klaus says.

“Wh…?” Kol starts but Stiles pulls at his sleeve.

“Stefan was dating Elena, the doppelganger.” Stiles whispers.

Kol looks over at the baby vampire in the passenger seat.

“And we brought him along anyway?” Kol questions.

“Nik seems to like his creative killing.” Stiles shrugs.

“Why would he need that when he has me?” Kol whispers back in mock outrage.

Stiles giggles.

“Because when I ask you to kill someone, you talk back. Stefan will just do as I ask.” Klaus butts in.

“That’s because you don’t ask very nicely. You demand.” Kol huffs. “Now, I believe there is something we need to talk about darling.”

“What?” Stiles inquires.

“How much you remember and why.” Kol says.

“Oh, that. I remember most of the important stuff, I think.” Stiles guesses.

“You think?” Kol prompts.

“I remember through dreams. But until recently it didn’t feel like I lived the memories, it just felt like I’m a third party watching a movie.” Stiles tries to explain but Kol’s face scrunches in confusion. “Moving pictures?”

Stiles tries to guess what Kol doesn’t understand.

“Right. That had just come out about hundred years prior but I was in a box at the time I believe.” Kol nods.

“They’ve gotten much better since then brother, I’m sure Stiles would love to take you to one.” Nik says as an apology.

“So, I don’t get to see every single bit of my previous lives. It just seems to be the most important bits. Or at least all of the bits with your family in them. Like my past life, I started at Mikael and ended at my mother selling me to Elijah. And the life before that I started at when Katherine killed me and then my last dream was them…it was them…” Stiles tries to breath through the fear and pain.

“It was the basem*nt.” Kol states.

Stiles nods.

“So glad I tortured that bastard that called himself your father.” Kol grins down at him.

“And you killed the rest of the coven but there was someone or a couple of someones you brought to a new coven.” Stiles says remembering one of his dreams.

“Yes, the people that raised you and tried to hide your ability from the rest of the coven.” Kol informs.

“Stiles wasn’t raised by his father?” Stefan asks.

“No. His mother died in child birth so his father blamed him, sent him to live with a couple that couldn’t have kids of their own. They raised him and hid his siphoner abilities until some girl that was obsessed with him found out and outed him to his coven and father. Who was the leader of the coven.” Nik informs.

“How was your life this time around? Anyone I have to kill?” Kol inquires.

“No need to kill anyone. I had a good life mostly. I have a brother, Matt. He’s the best. And I had a sister, Vicki…she’s dead.” Stiles glances at Stefan.

Kol must catch it because when Stiles looks back Kol is glaring at the back of Stefan’s head. Stiles squeezes Kol’s arm and shakes his head at him. Stiles doesn’t want Kol to get into a fight with Nik because Kol killed Stefan.

“Anyway, back on the original topic. I don’t remember my first life with you, but I remember most of the last two. And I believe the reason I remember is because in my last life, I did the ritual. It’s the only thing that’s really different. I did the ritual to remember and that affected more than just one life.” Stiles guesses.

“Well, we’re going to have to do the ritual again. So it’s a good thing we’re going to the Kentucky residence. The hall will be a good place to do it.” Kol informs.

“Why am I doing the ritual again?” Stiles questions.

“So that you remember all of it and maybe…maybe if you do it you’ll remember our first life together.” Kol hopes.

“I think I’d like that.” Stiles smiles at his vampire.

“Good…and then we can talk about you current human status.” Kol suggests.

“We can talk about it, but I think you should know that I don’t want to be a vampire until I’m at least 19.” Stiles states.

“How old are you currently?” Kol asks with a sigh.

“18.” Stiles answers.

“I don’t know if I can wait that long.” Kol admits.

“It’s only a few months.” Stiles points out.

“And in the life you were human you had only been around for a few months before Katerina killed you.” Kol says.


Kol comes home with Elijah, a coven that they employ found both the answer to keep Katerina alive and bring back Stiles’ memories. They are about to split apart when Kol smells blood, Stiles blood. Kol speeds to the room as fast as he can, Elijah follows him. Kol slams open the door to Nik’s office.

They find Stiles’ dead body on the floor of Klaus’ office, surrounded by a pool of his own blood.

“Niklaus!” Elijah yells.

Kol falls to his knees and scoops Stiles’ body into his arms, not caring about the blood that gets in his clothes and hands.

“She’s gone. I can’t find Katerina any…” Klaus trails off as he sees the scene in front of him.

“Not again. Please, Stiles. Not again.” Kol begs. “I found a way to bring your memories back darling, you’ve just got to wake up.”

“Katerina did this. The moonstone is gone.” Klaus whispers.

“Katerina wouldn’t…” Elijah starts.

“It’s okay darling. You found a way to come back to me once. You’ll do it again. I believe in us.” Kol murmurs as he kisses Stiles’ temple.

Kol gently puts Stiles’ body back down before facing his brothers. Ice cold rage flooding his very being.

“Time to go doppelganger hunting.”


May 5th 2010

Stiles has had no dreams since his last one and considering the fact that his past life dreams usually start where the last one stops, Stiles thinks he’s not likely to remember his first life with Kol. Kol though hasn’t given up on the idea which is why Stiles is standing in a chalk circle with symbols that he now recognises.

One for strength, to keep him from dying during the ritual. One for knowledge, memory and intellect to help him remember. And finally one for connection, to connect him to his previous lives.

“I expect you to catch me just like you did last time.” Stiles says as he standing in the center with the spell written on very old parchment.

“Like I’d ever let you fall.” Kol teases.

“Well, you let me fall for you.” Stiles jokes back.

“God I forgot just how dreadful it is to be near the two of you.” Nik grouses.

“They’re always like this?” Stefan asks.

“Always.” Nik says with a long suffering sigh.

“You love us.” Stiles says before laughing at Nik’s scrunched up face.

“No I do not. Now get on with it, we have werewolves to hunt.” Nik instructs.

“Sir yes sir.” Stiles mocks.

“You ready darling?” Kol inquires.

“You’ll love me even if this doesn’t work?” Stiles double checks.

“I love you no matter what.” Kol promises.

“Sap.” Stiles blushes.

Stiles looks down at the parchment in his hands and starts chanting. The cuff has been removed and burnt to ashes, he’s already been given something to siphon so he has magic in his system, now it’s all about pronouncing the words correctly and not getting tongue tied. He manages the first line before the wind starts racing around the room despite there being no open windows.

He chants louder and louder, practically shouting over the wind in his ears. Stiles is starting to feel lightheaded and just like last time it makes him want to stop, want to sit down and take a minute. But just like last time he pushes through, he keeps going. Third line down, one more to go.

Stiles hears Nik hush Stefan when the vampire tries to say something. But he doesn’t stop to listen, he doesn’t pause. The last word comes out of his mouth and the wind stops, the room goes quiet and his ears are ringing from the lack of noise.

“Stiles?” Kol asks.

With a sense of Deja Vu, Stiles grins, sways and says, “Catch me.” Before he’s falling.


Kol catches Stiles before he can hit the ground.

“Did it work?” the baby vampire that Nik kidnapped asks.

“We won’t know until he wakes.” Nik informs.

“And how long will that take?” Stefan inquires.

“Why, have somewhere to be?” Nik raises an eyebrow at the vampire.

“You’re the one that got me back on human blood, you’re the one that has to deal with my hunger.” Stefan states.

“Back on human blood? Oh god Nik! You brought along a bunny muncher?” Kol groans as he picks Stiles up.

“No, I brought along a ripper. Just needed to push him over the edge first.” Nik grins.

“You brought a ripper around Stiles?” Kol demands.

“I’d never pull Stiles into a situation he couldn’t handle, Kol.” Nik huffs.

“Except for that one time in 1058.” Kol reminds.

“You promised to stop talking about that.” Nik points out.

“I lied.” Kol states before walking out of the room and towards the room he’s set up for Stiles and himself.


“So?” Kol asks the moment Stiles opens his eyes.

“You have no patience.” Stiles chuckles as he moves to sit up.

Kol pulls him back down on the bed, so he’s laying on Kol’s chest.

“I remember all of my last two lives. Every second of them.” Stiles says.

“But not your first?” Kol sighs, disappointed.

“No, not my first. But that doesn’t necessarily mean I’ll never remember it.” Stiles points out.

“You think you’re going to have dreams, don’t you?” Kol questions.

“It would make sense. The ritual in my last life awakened the memories of the last two in this life. Doing the ritual again may awaken the next two…one.” Stiles pauses.

“Next two?” Kol asks.

“I meant one.” Stiles says.

“But you said two. You instinctively said two.” Kol prompts.

“Yeah. That would mean…” Stiles trails off.

“You had a life before you met me. Hmm, no. Hate that idea.” Kol shudders making Stiles laugh.

“I’ve always had a life before I met you.” Stiles chuckles.

“Never very good ones. This one is an outlier. I don’t like the idea that you had a life that was as bad or worse than the others and I wasn’t there for you.” Kol explains.

“Kol, my love. We are talking about a life over a thousand years ago. All of my lives have been bad because of siphoner prejudice. For all we know that wasn’t a thing then.” Stiles points out.

“But what if it was worse?” Kol asks.

“Then at least I know I’ll be waking from those dreams in your arms…if I even have any dreams. For all we know I won’t remember anything.” Stiles reminds.


May 28th 2010

“Darling we’ve got to have this conversation sometime.” Kol argues.

“We’ve had this conversation, over and over and over again. You just want to keep having it until I agree to let you turn me into a vampire.” Stiles huffs.

“I didn’t know they knew how to argue.” Stefan whispers to Nik, not very well though considering the fact that Stiles the human could hear him.

“Oh they know how to argue. The problem is arguments usually end in sex and they never remember to put up silencing charms. So I’m going for a drink, feel free to join me.” Nik says.

“That’s not what I’m doing!” Kol yells once Stefan and Nik leave.

“No? Then please tell me what you hope to accomplish with this constant repetitive disagreement?” Stiles questions in a mocking tone.

“I just want you to be safe and alive. I’ve lost you three times Stiles. Three! I cannot do it again, you keep coming back faster and faster. What if one day you just don’t come back? I can’t…Stiles you know what you mean to me, you know how much your very presence calms me. You know how much I love you. I cannot live the rest of my immortal life without you. I refuse.” Kol exclaims.

“I will not die before you have a chance to turn me Kol, and it’s not…okay listen. I don’t just want to turn into a vampire. I still died as just a vampire, twice. You think it’s hard for you losing me? How do you think it feels being the one that actually dies, that never knows if I’ll come back. That knows that there is a possibility that I’m leaving you forever. I don’t want to just be a vampire Kol. I want…I want to be indestructible. I want to be…” Stiles get’s interrupted.

“An Original. You want to be an Original. Okay, that will be difficult. A lot of what my mother used to make the spell has gone extinct or really, really rare. But it’s not impossible. We can do that. We can do that together. But I need you to have something.” Kol agrees.

Kol pulls out a necklace, a beautiful necklace with a glass tear drop container filled with blood. Kol’s blood.

“Kol…” Stiles starts.

“It’s for just in case. Just while your human. It’s just enough to turn you.” Kol says.

“It’s beautiful.” Stiles breathes.

“You’ll wear it?” Kol double checks.

“Always.” Stiles promises.

Stiles walks over to Kol and kisses him because Nik is right, all of their arguments lead to sex. Why would this one be any different?


Stiles is sat down at a table. Looking around it he finds Nik, Elijah, Rebekah, a man he doesn’t recognise and Kol. The aren’t sitting together, him and Kol. And Stiles knows it’s because of the stranger. Stiles and Kol can hardly keep their hands to themselves and his siblings want to appear ‘normal’ to this guest, therefore if they aren’t sat together they can not touch.

Then Stiles has a thought, this is his first dream since the ritual. Kol said he was daggered when Stiles’ died. But Kol is fine and Stiles is alive. Why hasn’t Stiles drempt of his death?

“I am unaccustomed to such luxury.” The man informs.

He’s tall, muscular and has this tattoo snaking up his right arm.

“Well, it’s the least we could so to repay you for opening our eyes to the truth. We’re curious to hear more about your order. Your crusade, Alexander.” Elijah says.

Stiles can tell that Elijah is carefully digging for information. He wants knowledge and this man has it.

“We are but five men. Bound by fire in the last breath of a dying witch to a single cause; the destruction of all vampires.” Alexander informs.

Stiles has to keep from smirking or fidgeting. He’s a vampire in this dream, he can tell. Everything is just slightly too much, too loud, too bright for him to be human. But the vampires around him can’t just be killed, he can. And he does…soon. It has to be merely day’s after this. Stiles dies…how does he die?

“And how do you hope to achieve this?” Nik inquires.

“We have the ultimate weapon which no vampire can survive.” Alexander states surely.


“Nik?” Stiles calls out as he enters Nik’s paint studio.

“You know I dislike it when you just enter without knocking Stiles.” Nik tuts.

“Sorry, it’s just…I had a dream. Of our first life together.” Stiles tells the hybrid.

“Then shouldn’t you be telling Kol?” Nik questions.

“The dream didn’t start where it usually does. My dreams start and I die. But this dream nothing happened. I didn’t die, Kol wasn’t daggered. It was just a normal dinner.” Stiles explains.

“Dinner…Alexander was there wasn’t he.” Nik sighs.

“Yes. Why didn’t I see myself die, Nik?” Stiles inquires.

“Because you died in your sleep. It was quick and painless for you.” Nik informs.

“But not for Kol.” Stiles says.

“It’s never painless for Kol.” Nik sighs.

“You hate having to dagger him, don’t you.” Stiles states.

“I’m not having that conversation with you Stiles.” Nik denies.

“You’re my family Nik and I’m sorry that having me be part of your family causes you grief.” Stiles apologises before walking out of the room.


“Why can’t I just send letters, that was so much easier than this stupid piece of technology.” Kol whines, a phone in his hand.

“Because texting is faster and easier. Now try again. Send me a message.” Stiles prompts.

‘Iluvyo.’ - My love

“Better, you managed to actually send the text this time. Now we just need to work on your typing skills.” Stiles says.

“The letters are two small. How do I know what I’m pressing when I can’t see it underneath my fingers?” Kol asks.

“We can make them larger. Don’t worry. Now I’m going to send you a text, I want you to navigate your way to the messenger app.” Stiles informs before sending a text.

Kol’s phone makes a sound, making it clear he received the text. Stiles then watches as Kol concentrates on the phone until he makes a triumphant noise. Stiles smiles and waits for Kol to read the text. He knows he’s read it when Kol’s head snaps up to look at him.

“Really?” Kol inquires. “You’re really dreaming about it?”

“Yep, had my first dream last night. Family dinner plus Alexander. When am I?” Stiles questions.

“1114.” Kol answers.

“And when did we meet?” Stiles asks.

“1002.” Kol informs.

“Looks like I have a lot of dreaming to do then don’t I.” Stiles smiles.

Kol laughs, happy and joyous. Then he tackles Stiles into a warm hug.

Stiles and Kol sitting in a tree B L O O D Y - Chapter 18 - Slushpuppy (2024)
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Introduction: My name is Prof. Nancy Dach, I am a lively, joyous, courageous, lovely, tender, charming, open person who loves writing and wants to share my knowledge and understanding with you.