The Atlanta Constitution from Atlanta, Georgia (2024)

SIXTEEN THE CONSTITUTION, ATLANTA, WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 17, 1934. LONDON POLICE BALK RED DEMONSTRATION LONDON, Jan. of communists attempting to mob the German embassy were sidetracked by foot and mounted police after spirited battling in the streets tonight. The communists sought to protest at the embassy against the imprisonment of three Bulgarians held for deportation in Germany following their acquittal the recent reichstag fire trial. SPECIAL! Men's, Women's and Children's HALF SOLES (Hats Cleaned and Blocked) United Shoe Repairers 109 Peachtree St.

Opposite Piedmont Hotel BUS fares CUT again 100-40 First Class Travel always by BUS Even more drastic rate cuts have been put into effect over the motor coach lines serving fares are always lowest by bus to everywhere in the United States. Pioneers in low fares to meet the public's pocketbook, bus lines operating from the Union Bus Station offer the most reasonable means of FIRST CLASS travel. These new rates are not to be confused with "second class" excursions or "coaches only" travel. they're good on every bus, every day, and bring you the best in highway travel without extra "seat fares" and other charges. Typical fares- NEW YORK $12.55 WASHINGTON 8.95 PHILADELPHIA 11.10 CHARLOTTE 4.10 ASHEVILLE 4.10 NEW ORLEANS 6.85 SAVANNAH 5.25 MONTGOMERY 3.50 COLUMBUS 2.50 WAYCROSS 4.50 BIRMINGHAM 2.50 ANNISTON 1.60 MEMPHIS 6.10 AUGUSTA 3.45 COLUMBIA 4.45 ATHENS 1.45 CHARLESTON.


LOUIS 9.75 KANSAS CITY 14.60 LOS ANGELES 34.25 SAN FRANCISCO 34.25 ROME 1.05 KNOXVILLE 4.00 LOUISVILLE 6.25 DETROIT 10.10 GRIFFIN .60 TORONTO, CANADA 15.00 INDIANAPOLIS 8.05 VALDOSTA 3.45 COLUMBUS, 7.90 COMPLETE TOUR of FLORIDA, EAST and WEST COASTS, CENTRAL FLORIDA, SILVER SPRINGS. BOK TOWER, MIFrom ATLANTA AMI, TAMPA, $2025 UNION BUS. TERMINAL Moseley Calls on Talmadge 7 Continued good-will between by Governor Eugene Talmadge and ley, new commanding officer of when General Moseley called upon respects. The governor and the greetings in the executive offices. Half Alabama Schools Will Close by Feb.

1 MONTGOMERY, Jan. (P)-A survey of Alabama's public school system -beset with financial difficulties--showed today that more cent of white rural city schools would be forced to close their by February and end their school year at the mid Reports made to the state department of education showed that all rural schools in 32 of the 60 counties reporting would be closed February 1 and that several of the seven counties that did not report could not operate beyond that date. The survey of the 45 cities operating city schools showed that 14 would close all schools before February 1, while nine cities did not report. In all, 1.390 schools of 2.746 reporting were definitely scheduled to close before February 1. Two hundred schools already have closed.

Negro Invades Prison To Rob Guard's Home JACKSON. Jan. Manager O. G. Tann.

who has all sorts of problems at the Parchman state penitentiary. today announced that a negro had "broken in" the prison. The unnamed negro entered the home of Sergeant A. H. Reed at camp 8 in the role of a burglar, Manager Tann reported, and was caught soon after he had allegedly made off with a large quantity of loot, including canned goods.

Sears ALLSTATEI TIRES Investigate Our New Liberal Trade-in Allowance .48 29x4.40 Size With Superlastic cords and IntraWoven shock breaker. the two greatest Safety Factors ever built tires! SEARS. ROEBUCK AND CO. state and military authorities was pledged Major General George Van Horn Mosefourth army corps area, Tuesday the chief executive to pay his official general are shown as they exchanged Staff photo by Kenneth Rogers. BIRTH CONTROL URGED AS PART OF DOCTOR'S WORK WASHINGTON, Jan.

The medical a national birth control "conference today indorsed two pending in house and senate by which contraceptive advice be placed under control of their profession. A copy of the resolution will be sent to the American Medical Association, and to the District of Columbia Medical Society, with a view to urging further medical indorsem*nt of the legislation on which hearings open Thursday. The resolution pointed out that medical knowledge exists for preventing conception, but said that in many places such advice is now "in the hands of quacks and charlatans instead of under the direction and control of physicians." Presiding the session which the resolution was Prentiss Willson, president of the Medical Society of the District of Columbia. The conference heard Dr. A.

Lovett Dewees, chief of staff of the Philadelphia Maternal Health Center, urge birth control on the basis of a "routine part of medical practice." "Physicians generally should be trained in teaching contraception," he said. "It should be as easy for a woman to consult her doctor about prevenception as about rheumatism." Dewees took issue with the 1873 statute under which the dissemmination of information about birth control was prohibited as "obscenity." "There is nothing more obscene about preventing conception than about preventing he said. The conference is being held preliminary to hearings that will start Thursday on the Pierce bill to repeal the birth control section of the 60- vear-old federal law. Mrs. Margaret Sanger, birth control crusader, called conference.

NEGRO GIRL IS SAVED FROM DEATH IN NOOSE JACKSON. Jan. Anne Mae Harmon, 17-year-old negro girl, was saved from death by executive clemency today just 24 hours before she was to have mounted the gallows to pay the supreme penalty for the slaying of her husband. Governor Sennett Conner commuted her sentence to life imprisonment after an examination by alienists. showed her to be mentally incompetent.

MINE UNION HEAD MUST RETURN TO PEN WILKES-BARRE. Jan. (AP)-Rinaldo Cappellini, state president of the United Anthracite Miners of Pennsylvania, which has called a strike in the upper coal fields, was arrested today as a parole violator. He was taken to the Luzerne county jail pending his return to the eastern penitentiary at Philadelphia to serve out his term on a charge of arson. Coming Tomorrow RCA PORTETTE See Tomorrow's Constitution NIGHT SCHOOL Announcement The Evening School of Applied Science of Georgia Tech Announces the beginning of the Spring Term Air Conditioning REGISTER NOW Highway Engineering Aeronauties Classes Begin Industrial Psychology Aircraft Radio Machine Shop Practice Applied Electricity Machine Designs January 22nd Architecture Mechanical Engineering Register at the Night Mathematics Auto Engineering School office, First Physics Bricklaying Radio Theory and Service Building Construction Floor Electrical Engi- Refrigeration Ceramic Engineering neering Building.

Geor- Spanish Civil Engineering Structural Mechanies Chemistry gia Tech Campus. Testing Power Plant Combustion of Fee's Apparatus Cemmercial Art Check course and mail, Textile Electrical Engineering with name and address. Welding-Electrie, Foremanship Conference for detailed information. Oxy -Acetylene Heating and Ventilation C-1-17 Weed Working GEORGIA SCHOOL OF TECHNOLOGY R. S.

HOWELL. Director HEmlock 3253 ATTEND the COOKING SCHOOL CAPITOL THEATRE JAN. 23, 24, 25, 26 FOR SALE This paper is suitable for small Flat Newsprint and PAPER publishers P. 0. BOX 1731 job printers THE PRICE Atlanta, Georgia IS RIGHT AIR STOCK SPURT BARED AT INQUIRY Revelation May Result in U.

S. Probe of Executive's Returns. WASHINGTON, Jan. 16. -(AP)How a young man's $40 investment in aviation stock turned out to be worth more than $5,000,000 within four years was disclosed today to the senate committee investigating air mail contracts.

Before the day was out. however, that same young man, Charles W. Deeds, himself confronted with the possibility of a federal investigation of his income tax returns. Charged by William B. Robertson, of St.

Louis. former employer and backer of Colonel Lindbergh's Paris flight, that Walter F. Brown, postmaster-general in the Hoover administration, had gone back on a promise to give his company an air mail con tract and that Robertson had been approached by a Missouri politician named with a promise of a contract award in return for a cut of the receipts also heard. Deeds. 31 years old, where admitted having had little aviation experience, in Pratt Whitney Aircraft Comtold how he made a $40 in investment pany stock in 1926 and how it became worth $5.624,640 in May, 1929.

The stock-200 shares at 20 cents 8 share- drew a 79-to-1 share stock dividend and then was exchanged for 34.720 United Aircraft shares in February, 1929. Deeds testified. when the latter was quoted at $97 a share. Deeds now is treasurer of United Aircraft. Robertson said Brown had promised him the contract, but that it wag awarded to American Airways, a sub.

sidiary of the aviation corporation, at a price twice as high as his bid. The Robertson bid, he said. would have cost the government $175,000 annually, as against $345,000 required by the American Airways contract, Thomas C. Halpin, World War fly er and former chief inspector at Hen ry Ford's first airplant plant, related that when he sought a contract for his line between Detroit and Cincinnati in 1929 he was told by Brown that his operating loss was so great as to render his line too "unstable" for consideration. Halpin said the company which got the contract owed his line $40.000 and the Aviation Corporation $50,000.

OFFICERS INSTALLED BY A.M.E. MINISTERS Designated as "the final session for 1933," the Atlanta A. M. E. Ministers Union met at Big Bethel church Tuesday to install new officers, make reports of the work last year and to lay plans for the next several months.

Rev. J. F. Moses, retiring president, presided. New officers installed were: Rev.

D. T. Babco*ck, president; Rev. R. E.

Romans, vice president; Rev. J. S. Bryan, secretary: Rev. C.

W. Peters, assistant secretary: Rev. C. Carswell, treasurer; Rev. w.

Bord Lawrence, floraltreasurer; Rev. J. S. McKellor, chaplain; Rev. H.

Gorman, assistant chaplain: Rev. B. R. Holmes, critic; Rev. C.

W. Scott, assistant critic: Rev. B. Carswell. librarian: Rev.

J. P. Fillmor, assistant librarian: Rev. J. A.

Hadley, dispatch press reporter! Rev. C. A. Wingfield, colored reporter; Rev. J.

S. Bryan, church reporter; Rev. G. B. Hannan, chorister: Rev.

A. I. Brewster, assistant chorister: Rev. D. W.

Wiggs, marshal; Rev. I. Wilson, assistant marshal; Rev. D. R.

Fobbs, parliamentarian; Rev. B. V. Thornton, 85- sistant parliamentarian: Rev. R.

J. Jefferson, education treasurer. Dr. W. Boyd Lawrence.

presiding elder of the Atlanta district, read a paper on "Christian Perfection." and Dr. Charles L. Hill. of Morris Brown College, and the Rev. W.

M. White made speeches. The installation of officers was held at the St. Paul A. M.

E. church Tuesday night with Bishop Fountain conducting the services. MORTUARY C. PERCY TAYLOR. The funeral of C.

Percy Taylor, 60, former deputy elerk of Fulton superior court and widely known fraternal leader, who died unexpectedly Monday at his residence in the Henry Grady hotel, will be held at 10 o'clock this morning from Spring Hill chapel of E. M. Patterson Son. Dr. Peter Marshall will officiate and interment will he in West View cemetery.

Masonie services will be conducted by Piedmont Lodge No. 447, F. A. of which Mr. Taylor was past master.

WILLIAM MARSHALL MAYO. Final rites for William Marshall Mayo, 64. former chief of the Atlanta police department, who died Sunday at his home on Campbellton road. were conducted Tuesday afternoon at the Capitol View Baptist church. of which he was a member.

The Rev. W. Lee Cutts officiated and interment was in Greenwood cemetery with Harry G. Poole in charge. Members of the police department and the Fulton county sheriff's office formed escorts of honor.

Captain Mayo was chief deputy in the sher. iff's office at the time of his death. MRS. MARY EMILY LEATHERS. Mrs.

Mary Emily Leathers, about 80 years of age, died Tuesday at her residence at 213 Central avenue, East Point. She was the widow of Tepa Leathers, of Villa Rica, Ga. The funeral will be beld at 2 o'clock this afternoon from the chapel of Williams Brothers Company, with the Rer. George W. McElroy officiating.

Interment will be in Antioch cemetery. Surviving are four brothers. J. G. Lambert, of Miami.

J. H. Lambert. of Temple, and B. C.

and John Lambert, of Houston, Texas. WILLIAM FRANKLIN LINDSEY. William Franklin Lindsey, of 816 Ashby street, S. died Tuesday at the residence. Funeral services will be held at 3:30 o'clock this afternoon at Spring Hill chapel of H.

M. Patterson Son. The Rev. H. C.

Hale will officiate and interment will be in Hollywood cemetery. Surviving are his wife: a daughter, Mrs. Lillian Owen: 8 grandson. James E. Owen and three sisters, Mrs.

S. E. Cowart, Mrs. R. L.

Robertson and Miss Rhoda Lindsey. MRS. G. GODWIN. Mrs.

G. H. Godwin, 23. ot Pritehard, died Tuesday in an Atlanta hospital. The body will be taken to Elmore, at 6:10 o'clock this morning over the A.

W. P. railroad for funeral and interment. with H. M.

Patterson Son in charge. Mrs. Godwin is survired by her husband: her mother, Mrs. Elon Hall, of Milbrook, three sisters, Mrs. Frank Daly, of Montgomery, Mrs.

Fred Pike. of San Antonio, Texas. and Miss Elizabeth Hall. of Milhrook. and two hrothers, James and Laurence Hall, of Milbrook.

J. FRED HUNTER. The funeral of J. Fred Hunter, formerly of Atlanta, who died Sunday in New Orleans, will be held at 2 o'clock this afternoon at Spring Hill chapel of H. M.

Patterson Son. The Rev. S. A. Cowan will officiate and interment will be in Greenwood cemetery.

MRS. GEORGE LINDSTROM. Funeral services for Mrs. George Lindstrom. of 140 North Howard street, who died last Thursday, will be held at 11 o'clock this morning at Spring Hill chapel of H.

Mr. Patterson Son. The Rev. John L. Yost will officiate and interment will be in Crown Hill cemetery.

EDWARD C. HINTON. Edward C. Hinton. 64, died suddenly Tuesday morning at his residence at 119 Flora avenue.

N. E. Funeral services will he held at 2:30 o'clock this afternoon at the Edgewood Baptist church. The Rev. Lester A.

Brown and the Rev. Jesse D. Booth will officiate and interment will be in the Decatur cemetery, with A. S. Turner, of Decatur.

in charge. Surviving Mr. Hinton are his wife: three sons. Lewis Raymond F. and David Hinton: a daughter, Mrs.

C. E. Clackum; two brothers, Mark B. and W. Venable.

B. Hinton, and a sister, Mrs. Cross Sections of Life In Gate City of South "Sister" Aimee Semple McPhersonHutton, whose Gospel" and various adventures have made Angelus Temple a by-word in the publie prints, is expected to visit Atlanta within the next several months, according to information received here. "Sister" Aimee is to speak at the Macon auditorium on February 22, it was said. Rev.

W. G. Weston, of Elizabeth. conducting an evangelistic campaign at the Atlanta Gospel Tabernacle. 850 Euclid avenue, will preach tonight on "The Mark of the Beast." Mr.

Weston is assisted by his son, Bill Weston, on the vibra-harp, and the Misses Nealy, gospel singers. The campaign will continue through next week. with services at 10:30 each morning, except Monday and Saturday, and at 7:30 each night. Beer sales in Atlanta continue to be popular. J.

Henson Tatum, city clerk, announced Tuesday that 300 have applied for licenses and added that they must procure the licenses at once. Mayor James L. Key Tuesday urged Atlanta as the southern headquarters of the recently-created federal agency of the Electric Farm and Home Authority. He addressed a letter to the board of directors asking them to establish such offices here. Members of the democratic executive committee will meet at 7:30 o'clock tonight at the city hall, it was announced Tuesday by James T.

Ozburn, chairman. Suggested changes in rules as recommended by the committee headed by A. L. Belle Isle, will be under consideration. J.

P. Poss, former policeman, Tuesday dismissed by Recorder A. W. Callaway when brought up in police court for the killing of Ollie Taylor and the wounding of his sonin-law, C. H.

Byers, in December. Judge Callaway held that Poss fired in self-defense when Byers, estranged from Poss' daughter, attempted to force entrance into the home. Assistant Chief of Police A. Lamar Poole Tuesday issued an order directing all officers to include in their written reports the names of any persons arrested and the charges on which they are held. Poole said that confusion has resulted from failure to mention persons arrested, and that in some instances detectives have searched for several days for guilty parties only to find they had been arrested by uniform men.

F. F. Leister, former city fireman, who was charged with turning series of false fire alarms on Naw Year's morning, Tuesday was fined $27 by Recorder A. W. Callaway for disorderly conduct.

Leister had been bound over for alleged malicious mischief, but Solicitor John S. McClelland, of Criminal court of Atlanta, sent the case back to police court as proper place for disposition of the false fire alarm charges. Reid Abernathy, 14, son of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Abernathy, of Roswell, disappeared Sunday and is being sought by his family, police were informed Tuesday.

The boy was wearing overalls and a white cap when last seen. He weighs 122 pounds and is five feet seven inches tall. Grady hospital's main entrance Tuesday was closed to the public and entrance to the hospital was provided through the opening of the main door in the new building, pending the completion of repairs by CWA workers. J. R.

King, 35, of 1581, Montreat avenue. Tuesday was treated at Grady hospital for gunshot wounds in the legs received accidentally while hunting with friends near Douglasville. He left the hospital after being treated. Judge E. Marvin Underwood, of the federal court, began the hearing Tuesday of 47 habeas corpus cases.

He will continue to hear them every afternoon. Most of them involve liquor sentences. Postmaster E. K. Large received an invitation Tuesday from Postmaster Charles A.

Stevens, of New Orleans, to attend the dedication of the Shusan airport, on Lake Pontehartrain, on February 9. A. W. Hamilton, commander of the North and South Carolina department of Veterans Foreign Wars, will speak at a meeting of the Associated War Veterans at 8 o'clock tonight at the city auditorium. Mr.

Hamilton is 211 income tax consultant living in Charlotte, N. C. Condition of Police Captain J. Gordon, who has been critically ill Crawford W. Long hospital for more than a week, Tuesday remained unchanged, it was said at the hospital.

Dr. Cullen B. Gosnell, professor of rovernment at Emory University, Tuesday was notified of his appointment as a member of the committee on policy and the subcommittee on political education American Political Science Association. by W. J.

Shepard, dean of the college of arts and sciences of Ohio State University and president of the association. Population of the Atlanta federal penitentiary is at the lowest level in a number of years, it was revealed Tuesday when Good Words. the official publication of the prison, reported the December 15 population as 2,093, a drop from the November 15 population total of 2,242. Much of the recent decrease in population has been due to transfers to other institutions, although only one prisoner was transferred during the month. Tabernacle Baptist church was second in the B.

Y. P. U. Hundred Club attendance contest last week, reporting 319, it was announced Tuesday. The First Baptist church, of Columbus, was first with 345.

Druid Hills Baptist was third, with 302 attending. J. E. Thrift, past master of Oakland City lodge of Masons, will speak at the meeting of W. D.

Luckie lodge, No. 89, at 7:30 o'clock Friday night. in the Masonic temple, at Lee and Gordon streets. Dr. Carl B.

Pitman. worshipful master, will be in charge of the program. Atlanta School of Oratory and Expression will present pupils of the adult morning sections in a program of readings, stories, lectures and a playlet 11 o'clock Thursday morning in room 402, Wesley Memorial building. Dr. James F.

Watson, president, will speak on "How to Develop Poise and Confidence in Public Speaking." Judge John D. Humphries, of Fulton superior court, will speak on the subject, "Superior Courts and Their Operation," at the monthly meeting of the Si-De-Ka Club at 6 o'clock day night at the Henry Grady hotel. W. G. Thurman is chairman of the program committee.

Mrs. D. G. Gregory, of 1595 Evans drive. who has been missing since Oetober 12, is being sought by Mrs.

J. (. Bannister, of 616 Preston avenue, College Park, it was announced Tuesday. Mrs. Gregory, who is five feet tall, Motorman Is Robbed Near Federal Prison weighs 95 pounds and who is a brunette, was last heard from in Birmingham, Ala.

Anyone having information as to her whereabouts is requested to call Mrs. Bannister at Calhoun 3769. Six defendants were deprived of their right to drive an automobile by Judge Jesse M. Wood in criminal court Tuesday. H.

R. Burns, Rohert Vernor, negro; C. C. Manus. W.

C. Steed and L. C. Suddeth J. C.

Freeman were all given fines and prohibited from driving under suspended sentences F. Lewis Crespa filed suit in city court Tuesday for $15,000 damages against Georgia Power Company for injuries alleged to have been received September 24. 1933. when alighting from a street car. Attorney G.

Seals Aiken filed the suit. Mr. and Mrs. H. W.

Minor are named defendants in.a $10,000 dam age suit filed in superior court Tuesday by R. K. Rice, alleging injuries received in an automobile collision Attorney B. C. Willford represents the plaintiff.

Mrs. Elizabeth Fair filed suit in 000 damages court, Georgia Power Comsuperior Tuesday asking injuries alleged to have been suffered December 5, 1933, in a street car-automobile collision. Attorneys Hewlett Dennis represent the plaintiff. Mr. and Mrs.

Guy Nichols will have charge of the services at 7:30 o'clock tonight at McKendree ist church, 37 Whitefoord avenue, N. the Rev. Jesse D. Booth, pastor. announced Tuesday.

Motion pictures showing work being accomplished at the Scottish Rite hos pital will be shown by Dr. J. H. Kite at the meeting of the Atlanta Masonic Club this afternoon at the Winecoff hotel, Simon S. Selig, president, announced Tuesday.

Dr. W. A. Shelton, pastor of Grace M. E.

church, will speak on "Genesis, the world's greatest story book." at 7:30 o'clock tonight at the church as the second of a series of Bible studies. Rev. Henry J. Jones, pastor of St Paul's Methodist church, will speak on "Lee and Jackson" today at mid-week prayer meeting of the church. "Regeneration," or "A New Day Is Dawning," will be the subject of the lesson to be given the Azoth library, in the Marion hotel, at 8 o'clock tonight.

The lesson is open to the public, being given for a free-will offering only. Lieutenant W. M. (Buck) Weaver, station lieutenant at police headquarters, was given a surprise dinner on his forty-first birthday anniversary at his residence, 1279 Floyd street, Tuesday with members of the family and close friends present. Lieutenant Weaver has been connected with the department for 13 years and is considered one of the most capable of the junior commissioned officers.

The home of W. A. Wray, at 12 Georgia avenue, S. was slightly about 7 o'clock. was exdamaged by, fire Tuesday, night at tinguished by the fire department.

Love Monday, 49, of 116 Tve street, re recently a patient at the Milledgeville State hospital, tried to take his life by cutting his throat with a razor blade in a cell at the police, station Tuesday night. where being held for his wife. He was taken to Grady hospital for treatment and his condition was described as serious. Kendall Weisiger, assistant to the president of the Southern Bell Telephone Company, delivered an address before February graduating class of Tech High school Tuesday morning at a meeting of the senior class. Rev.

Wade H. Boggs, pastor of the Druid Hills Presbyterian church, will conduct evangelistic services at the Oakhurst Presbyterian church, East Lake drive and Second avenue, from January 24 through February 4. Services will be held at 7:30 o'clock each week day night and at 11 a. m. and 5 p.

m. on Sundays. Commissioner Edgar Hoe. retired missionary officer in the Salvation Army, will conduct a series of evangelistic meetings at the temple corps, 54 Ellis street, beginning January 28 and extending through February 4. it was announced Tuesday.

Commissioner Hoe is a world traveler. Auto Accident Fatal To Claude H. Herndon Claude H. Herndon, 49, formerly of Atlanta, a construction engineer for the Southern Bell Telephone Company for 25 years, died in Birmingham Tuesday of injuries suffered in an automobile accident about 10 ago. The body was brought to Atlanta.

Funeral services will be held at 3 o'clock this afternoon at the Capitol View Methodist church. The Rev. W. J. DeBardeleben and the Rev.

Leon L. Myers will officiate and interment will be in West View cemetery, with H. M. Patterson Son in charge. Mr.

Herndon is survived by his wife: his mother. Mrs. Herndon of Atlanta: four sisters. Mrs. H.

C. Williams, Davis, and Mrs. J. H. Hilman, all of Atlanta, -and Mrs.

William Becker, of Lexington. and three brothers. Charlie Herndon, of Hecla, S. R. O.

Herndon, of New York city, and James B. Herndon of Atlanta. AID TO LYNCH PROBE PLEDGED BY RITCHIE CRISFIELD, Jan. State's Attorney Jon B. Robins tonight received Governor Ritchie's assurance that all the evidence the state has gathered in connection with last October's lynching at Princess Anne would be available for his presentation to the Somerset grand jury when it convenes in special session next Tuesday.

Robins also received a severe rebuke from the governor, who charged him with "repeated failure (in connection with the lynch investigation) and refusal to co-operate when co-operation was 80 necessary for the good name of the state." U. S. GRAIN EXPORTS DECREASE IN WEEK WASHINGTON, Jan. exports from the United States last week amounted to 450,000 bushels against 954.000 bushels the previous week and 434,000 bushels in the corresponding week last year. Robbers using an acetylene torch early today burned through the vault of the Bank of Anderson, obtaining between $7,500 and $8,000, all the cash, including pennies, in the bank.

TORCH WIELDERS LOOT BANK AT ANDERSON ANDERSON. Jan. A. L. Lynch, operator of a street car on the South Pryor street line, reported to the police Tuesday night that two white men held him up at the end of the line near the federal prison at about 8:50 o'clock and robbed him of $20 in cash and 10 books of car tickets.

The men boarded the car while he was changing the trolley, Lynch said, adding that one of them pointed an automatic pistol at him. Radio Patrolmen C. W. Mauldin and H. E.

King investigated. Another holdup was reported Tuesday night and two arrests were made in connection with burglaries. A delivery boy for the Lane Drug Company at Peachtree and Tenth street reported that he was held up and robbed of about $8 while making a delivery to a Piedmont avenue address in response to the request, "bring change, for $10." Steele, alias Thomas, negro. was arrested at his residence at 175 Walker street. after an investigation which Treat to the recovery of a quantity clothes valued at $300, including men's suits, hats, and women's apparel.

The arrest was made by Detectives B. E. Blair and C. J. Harris, and Special Officers Clarke and Foster, of the Mutual Protective Association.

James Barnes, negro, of 4991 Tatnall street, was arrested on suspicion of having stolen a police department pistol which the arresting officers said he was trying to sell. John Dickinson, a technical serArmy officials, announced today that geant in the army medical corps, killed himself here by taking poison. Officers ordered an inquiry. Dickinwas from Griffin. Ga.

He reentered the army in 1925 after previous service. GEORGIAN IN U.S. ARMY IS SUICIDE AT MANILA MANILA. P. Jan.

Funeral Notices SIEGEL Died, William Henry Siegel infant son of Mr. and Mrs. William Henry Siegel, 2200 Peachtree road, January 16. 1934. Funeral services will be held this (Wednesday) afternoon at 4:30 o'clock, at Spring Hill.

Rev. Herman L. Turner will officiate. H. M.

Patterson Son. friends of Mrs. Lindstrom, 140 N. Howard street, are invited to attend her funeral this (Wednesday) morning, January 17, 1934, at 11 o'clock, at Spring Hill. Rev.

John L. Yost will officiate. Interment. Crown Hill cemetery. H.

M. Patterson Son. GODWIN-Died, Mrs. G. H.

Godwin, of Pritchard, January 16, 1934. She is survived by her husband; mother, Mrs. Elon Hall, Millbrook, sisters, Mrs. Frank Daly, Montgomery, Mrs. Fred Pike, San Antonio, Texas; Miss Elizabeth Hall.

Millbrook. brothers, Mr. James Hall and Mr. Laurence Hall. both of Millbrook, Ala.

The remains will be taken this (Wednesday) morning at 6:10 o'clock via A. W. P. Railway to Elmore, for services and interment, H. M.

Patterson Son. HUNTER--The friends and relatives of Mr. J. Fred Hunter, of New Orleans, formerly of Atlanta, Mr. and Mrs.

Hugh E. Lyndon, Mr. and Mrs. H. L.

Stephenson, Miss Mary Lyndon, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Mayfield, Mr. and Mrs. Clark Lyndon and Mrs.

T. L. Sutton are invited. to -attend the funeral of Mr. J.

Fred Hunter this (Wednesday) afternoon, January 17. 1934, at 2 o'clock at Spring Hill. Rev. S. A.

Cowan will officiate. Interment. Greenwood cemetery. Thin pallbearers gentlemen will selected please to meet serve at Spring Hill at: 1:45 o'clock. H.

M. Patterson Son. Lodge Notices The annual meeting of Yaarab Temple will be held in the Egyptian room of Shrine Mosque this (Wednesday) evening at 7:30 o'clock. Election officers for ensuing year and reports of of committees will be the principal business. The 1934 Shrine eard will be required at the door.

DEWALD A. COHEN. Potentate, W. BAYNE GIBSON. Recorder.

The regular communication of Daylite Lodge No. 125, F. A. will be held in the Masonic temple, corner of Peachtree and Cain streets, this (Wednesday) morning. January 17.

1934. at 10:30 o'clock. All duly qualified brethren cordially invited to attend. By order of E. ESCOTT, W.

M. ORION T. SMITH, Sec. A special communication of A A. Piedmont will Lodge be held- No.

in 447. F. Masonic temple this (Wednesday) morning at 9:30 for the purpose of paying the last sad tribof respect to our deceased brother, C. Percy Taylor. All Masons duly qualified are fraternally invited to meet with us.


WOOD, Sec. The regular communication of Fulton Lodge No. 216. F. A.

will be held at the Masonic temple, corner Peachtree and Cain streets, on this (Wednesday) evening, beginning at 7:30 o'clock sharp. This will be a business session only. By order of 1. HEIMAN, W. M.

JOSEPH LAZEAR, See. Quick Delivery COAL All Atlanta Over Red Ash, Block. $7.00 Red Ash, Egg 6.75 19H4 Ton, Block 3.75 2 Ton, Egg 3.65 3 BAGS COAL 1.00 WITH WOOD Chiles Coal Co. North Side West End MA. 1151 MA.

1421 Attethe CAPITOL SCHOOL THEATRE COOKING Jan. 23, 24, 25, 26 Hewell HOWELL, Howell Albert Hugh Herman Arthur HEYMAN, Heyman Heyman W. P. Bloodwort BOLDING Balding Alien Post LAWYERS 506 TO 520 CONNALLY BLDG. ATLANTA, GA.

Funeral Notices FROCK services for little Martha Ann Brock, the infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Berry Brock, will be held this (Wednesday) afternoon at 2 o'clock from the graveside at Campbellton. Rev. Y.

A. Brown, officiating. Bishop Poe, funeral directors, in charge. LEATHERS Funeral services for Mrs. Mary Emily Leathers, of 213 Central avenue, East Point, will be held this (Wednesday) afternoon at 2 o'clock from the chapel of Williams Funeral Home, Hapeville, Ga.

Rev. G. W. McElroy will officiate. Interment, Antioch cemetery.

PRITCHARD Mrs. Edwin 0. Pritchard died at her residence, 973 Forrest Road, Tuesday evening. She is survived by one daughter, Miss Agnes Pritchard, Atlanta: one cousin, Miss Ella Reynolds, Columbus, Ohio. Funeral services will be held Thursday, January 18, from Druid Hills Baptist church at 10:30 a.

m. Rev. Dr. Louie D. Newton will officiate.

Interment will he in West View cemetery. BrandonBond-Condon. WILKINSON-Died, January 16, 1934, Mr. John Neal Wilkinson Hogansville, the 62d year of his age. Besides his wife he is survived daughter, Mrs.

J. Sherwood Jones; a son, Mr. John Wilkinson two sisters, Miss Minnie Wilkinson, of Hogansville, and Mrs. Wilbur Lane, of Atlanta. Funeral services will be held tomorrow (Thursday) morning, January 18, at 10 o'clock from the First Baptist church, Hogansville, Rev.

J. G. Graham officating. Interment, Hogansville cemetery. Askew Company in charge.

LINDSEY-The friends and relatives of Mr. and Mrs. William Franklin Lindsey, Mrs. Lillian Owen, James E. Owen Mrs.

S. E. Cowart, Miss Rhoda Lindsey and Mrs. R. L.

Roberson are invited to attend the funeral of Mr. William Franklin Lindsey this (Wednesday) afternoon, January 17, 1934. at 3:30 o'clock at Spring Hill. Rev. H.

C. Hale will officiate. Interment in Hollywood cemetery. The following gentlemen will serve as pallbearers and please meet at Spring Hill at 3:15 o'clock: Mr. Ernest Bennett, Mr.

S. P. Lee, Mr. J. 0.

Willson, Mr. M. W. Davis, Mr. R.

C. McCall and Mr. H. C. McCall.

H. M. Patterson Son. TAYLOR P. Taylor friends and Mr.

C. relatives P. Taylor Miss Jane Taylor, South Boston, Mrs. D. T.

Mauk, Mrs. E. M. Griffith. Jackson, and Mr.

and Mrs. G. O. Taylor are invited to attend the funeral of Mr. C.

P. Taylor this (Wednesday) morning, Jannary 17. 1934, at 10 o'clock at Spring Hill. Rev. Peter Marshall will officiate.

Interment, West View. The following gentlemen will serve as pallbearers and please meet at Spring Hill at 9:45 o'clock Mr. W. Hoke Blair, Mr. Mark A.

Cason, Mr. Sam Cohen, Mr. M. S. Johnson, Mr.

Byron Milling, Mr. John Oatley. Mr. L. H.

Palmer and Mr. Ralph J. Wynne. H. M.

Patterson Son. HINTON-The friends and relatives of Mr. and Mrs. Edward C. Hinton, Mr.

and Mrs. Lewis C. Hinton. Mr. Raymond F.

Hinton, Mr. David Hinton, Mr. and Mrs. C. E.

Clackum, Mr. and Mrs. Mark B. Hinton, Mr. and Mrs.

W. B. Hinton and Mr. and Mrs. D.

H. Venable are invited to attend the funeral services of Mr. Edward C. Hinton this (Wednesday) afternoon at 2:30 o'clock at the Edgewood Baptist church. Rev.

Lester A. Brown and Rev. Jesse D. Booth will officiate. Interment in Decatur cemetery.

Pallbearers will meet at the residence. 119 Flora N. at 1:45 o'clock. A. S.

Turner, funeral director. -Died. Mr. Claude R. Herndon, of Birmingham.

formerly of Atlanta, January 16. 1934. He is survived by his wife; mother, Mrs. J. B.

Herndon sisters, Mrs. H. C. Williams, Mrs. William Becker, Lexington, Mrs.

Pearl Davis, Mrs. J. R. Hilman; brothers, Mr. Charlie Herndon, Heela, S.

Mr. R. 0. Herndon. New York city; Mr.

James B. Herndon Jr. Funeral services will be held this (Wednesday) afternoon, January 17. 1931. o'clock, at the Capitol View Methodist church.

Rev. W. J. DeBardeleben and Rev. Leon L.

Myers will officiate. Interment, West View cemetery. The following will as pallreentlemen please server at the church at 2:45 o'clock: Mr. R. L.

Davis, Mr. J. R. Hilman, Mr. L.

O. Davis. Mr. W. B.

Winn, Mr. J. E. Childress and Mr. R.

K. Daris. H. M. Patterson Son.

GREENWOOD CEMETERY Cascade Road Two-Grave Lots, Fifty Dollars WAI. 2516 (COLORED) CLEMMON-Mr. Leonard Clemmon passed away January 16 at a local sanitarium. Funeral will be announced later. Pollard Hanco*ck.

COBB The funeral of Mr. Monroe Cobb will be held today at 11 a. m. from our chapel. Interment, Lincoln cemetery.

Hanley Co. DORSEY-Friends and relatives of Mr. Joe Dorsey are invited to attend his funeral today p. 10. from our chapel.

Interment, Lincoln cemetery. Hanley MOYER-Mrs. Dora Moyer, of 27 Woodward avenue, S. passed away at residence January, 16, 1934. Funeral announced later.

David T. Howard Co. SIMPSON- services for Mr. James Simpson will be held today at 11:30 a. m.

from St. Peter's A. M. E. church.

Interment, South View cemetery. Hanley Co. VIS--The many friends and relatives of Mrs. Georgia Lewis, of 318 Butler street, are invited to attend her funeral today at 2. m.

from our chapel. Rev. J. N. Nabrit will officiate.

Interment, Lincoln cem-1 etery. Hanley Co. BELCHER--The friends and relaof Mrs. Louise Belcher are invited to attend her funeral Thursday, Jan. 18th, at one o'clock, from Mt.

Carmel M. E. church, Rev. Muckle officiating. Interment South View cemetery.

Murdaugh funeral directors. tives of Mrs. Adella Malcomb, of MALCOMB- The A friends and rela331 Irwin street, are invited to attend her funeral Thursday, Jannary 18. at 2:30 o'clock from Mt. Sinai Baptist church, on Butler street, Rev.

Frank Paschal offici4 ating. Interment, Lincoln cemetery. Hanley Co. WILLIANS. -The and Mrs.

friends Lucius and Wil- relaliams, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Williams, Mrs. Minerva Colbert and family, Mr. and Mrs.

H. M. Jones and family, Mrs. Jennie Lou Redwine and family are invited to attend the funeral of Mr. Lucius Williams today (Wednesday) at from our chapel.

Rev. A. F. Bailey officiating. Interment South View.

Ivey Bros, morticians..

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