The Ultimate Super Bowl Party Etiquette Guide (2024)

One of the largest events in sports is coming up, and it’s without a doubt the time that everyone plans to host a party. The Super Bowl is one of the many highlights of the year for football fans, especially if your team made it on the roster to play. No matter what team you’re cheering on, it’s always better with friends and family.

If you decide to host a Super Bowl party or you’re attending as a guest, there are Super Bowl party etiquette rules that you should apply to guests and abide by as a guest. Make your party one to remember or strive to be the MVP guest by abiding by these rules.

Ask the host how you can contribute. Don’t come empty-handed!

The unwritten rule to attending a house party? Always reach out to the host to ask if there is anything you can bring. Of course, their answer will typically be, “Everything is covered,” but bringing something shows appreciation and lets your host know you’re here to help. Besides, if they’re offering up their home to host you and other guests, the least you can do is bring something. Whether it be a bottle of champagne, a bag of chips and dip, your most famous appetizer, or plates and napkins, contribute something to the party and don’t show up empty-handed.

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No double dipping or overindulging.

Super Bowl parties will have a spread of a variety of foods like wings, meatballs, slider sandwiches, and so much more. Undoubtedly, chips and dips will be on that menu. Whatever you do, don’t double dip. While this applies to everyday life and occasions where you’re sharing food with a large group, it matters now more than ever, especially in intimate settings.

If you find yourself making your way toward the chips and dip, grab a clean utensil to transfer your dip to your plate. Even when you’re down to your last chip and have no dip in sight, just add a dollop of dip to your plate and enjoy. Additionally, when grabbing food, use the serving utensils and avoid grabbing them with your hands.

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Don’t interrupt the Super Bowl commercials.

It’s true that many people watching the Super Bowl are only there to see the game or the halftime show—the commercials are often just as anticipated as the game. That said, refrain from touching the remote control during the commercials. If you’re not interested, think about refilling a drink or creating small banter with other guests. The last thing you want to do during a huge sports event is change the channel and risk missing a good play.

Display good sportsmanship.

Let’s be honest, someone has to win and someone has to lose. Whether your team is winning or losing, be sure to keep it classy and be a good sport. There is a difference between offensive and friendly chatter.

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Pick up after yourself and throw away trash.

This rule may be common sense at our big ages, but it doesn’t hurt to add it to the list. Throughout the game, you may find yourself in different areas of the home, like the couch, floor, and other areas in the living room. Keep in mind, if you’re enjoying a tasty meal, throw away your trash when you’re done. It’s easy for the napkins and plates to get away from you when the halftime show comes on, but to keep all areas clean, do your part and place trash where it belongs. If you notice plates lying on the floor, take the initiative to take them to the sink or throw them away. This will help the host more than you know, even if they’re not aware.

Thank the host more than once.

The opportunity will arrive when the Super Bowl game has ended and it’s that time to leave. Don’t forget to thank your host; you can do so in more ways than one. The first way is already done because you brought your favorite finger food dish to the party. Another way to say thank you is by verbal gesture of appreciation. A passionate thank you or compliment will go a long way. Thirdly, consider following up with a call or text to express how much fun you had and how great the party went.

The Ultimate Super Bowl Party Etiquette Guide (2024)
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