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SCP 106 - Old Man (New Character)

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First EncounterYou both first met by accident when you stumbled into his cell because of your curiosity. You were just a young adult and was new to the foundation. Dr. Bright took you under his wing because you were interested in studying the SCPs and had a strong degree of knowledge in bioengineering. Bright treated you as his own child and was rather protective of you when it came to other people who flirted with you and dangerous SCPs. 106 was no exception as he too was a dangerous Keter class SCP. You knew that Bright carried a large necklace which so happened to be an SCP and met various doctors who were also unique like him, so when it came to anomalies, you weren't as afraid of them. 106 came out of his pocket dimension and decided to inspect you as you froze in surprise. Dr Bright was about to send in the guards until he witnessed you having a somewhat awkward conversation with each other and decided against it. He allowed this to happen over a period of time and decided to pull you out as he had other matters to discuss.

Your Feelings for HimDr. Bright allowed you to spend some time with 106, however, that doesn't mean he trusted that SCP. This resulted in some guards or another researcher keeping an eye out for you and making sure that 106 doesn't attack you. As you normally do, 106 started a conversation with you and for whatever reason, you blushed at his jokes. 106 was oblivious to this and carried in his jokes and short conversations and unintentionally made you even more flustered by complimenting you.

His ConfessionDespite him having the appearance of an old man, 106 was able to keep updated onto your culture as he spent more and more time with you. As time went on, he found himself more fond of you and decided to take you to his pocket dime room and back. This astonished the researchers as they rarely see anyone coming back alive and well from his pocket dimension. During that time in his pocket dimension, he had asked you out to which you agreed without letting him even finishing his question. When you went back everyone was curious and worried and interrogated you about your time there with him.

DateDates with 106 are rather unique. I say this because he takes you into his pocket dimension and shows you around if he hasn't already and you both make pranks on the D-Classes who's still managed to stay alive. However, there are times when you both have your dates within the foundation and 106 is only granted access to the outside world when he's doing tests so he treats this as a date when you're there with him. But of course, he's a Keter class so requests for him to be out of his containment other than tests are normally forbidden. So this then results in dates in his cell which are typically you and 106 chillaxing.

When he's jealous106 is pretty average when it comes to jealousy, so if he sees someone being overly flirty or looks at you for at least 30 seconds, he'd start attacking. By attacking, I mean he kidnaps the dude into his pocket dimension and leaves them there to die off, but that you'd mind because you only have eyes on him. After all that, he'd then be overly clingy towards you and wouldn't let you work at all. At least for the remainder of the day.

When there's a containment breachIt's not common for 106 to cause a containment breach nor is it rare. He usually causes a containment breach is when he wants to be with you. In this case, he'd only attack when there are people standing in his way as his main goal is to find you. Most people take notice of this and usually grant him access to see you if you're busy with whatever and he complies with whatever the staff needs of him. However, if some other SCPs caused the breach, 106 would still look for you, but he'd be more aggressive with the other SCPs and staff as he's worried about you. If you were injured, he'd take you into his dimension and become your personal medic for minor injuries. Otherwise, he'd go to 049. If you weren't hurt, he'd be relieved and hug you tightly.

Yandere!SCP 106Yandere!106 isn't too much of his usual self. The only difference being that he'd take you to his pocket dimension way too frequently, the researchers don't even have a chance to ask you to take a camera and record the stuff there. Anyone who just as much as look at you will be met with a poisonous glare from 106 and he'd deal with them when you're not looking. The only punishment for you is you being trapped in his pocket dimension for days at a time. But that's so rare that none of you would need to worry about this at all.

How he reacts to his angry!S/OSeeing you angry is rare as you spend most of your time alone with 106 and even more so since you're both rather peaceful. Well, that was until some guy has decided to dedicate his free time to bullying you because you're dating an elderly man. This of course enraged you which resulted in you both taking part in a fistfight. And of course, security had to get you off him to no avail and 106 was called in to retrieve you. At this point, 106 would no longer be a Keter class, but a Thaumiel as he was able to calm down an angry!(Y/N).

When someone tries to steal you awayYou'd be out of your mind if you wanted to steal 106's partner. 106 would go full-on rage mode and hunt down anyone and everyone, even bystanders. That being said, a rather persistent guy who came into the foundation with you on the same day as you did wouldn't leave you alone and when he realised that you were dating an anomaly, he became such a Yandere and went out of his way to snatch you away from him. If he can't have you, then nobody could and that's what he's done. But what he didn't know was that 106 was in full view of the drama and silently followed. You were locked inside the man's room and heard his scream. 106, along with other staff members, went in to retrieve you. As you went out, you saw the kidnapper's body lying unconscious and lifeless. Needless to say, word got around and nobody would mess with you ever again.

(Sources - Pics: SCP 106)

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