Valentine's Day Class Party Ideas (2024)

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Need Valentine’s Day Class Party inspiration? Look no further because I searched high and low for the very best Valentine’s Day Class Party ideas! I am admittedly very picky when it comes to planning children’s parties, whether it is in the classroom or at home. I think a lot about the age and interests of the children before choosing what we will do. I firmly believe that engaged and interested children will be happy children! (And if I am being honest, a lot easier to manage!) From Valentine Crafts to Valentine’s Day Games and Activities to yummy Valentine’s Day Treats, I scoured the internet for my top 50 favorite ideas to share with you.

50+ Valentine’s Day Class Party Ideas

Valentine’s Day Treats

Valentine’s Day Treats and Snacks are a favorite for me. I especially love making Valentine’s Day Food Crafts a station at my Valentine’s Day Class Party so that the kids can entertain themselves with an activity and enjoy the yummy treat as well! When it comes to school parties though, I think you really need to be careful not to give everyone too much sugar. I tried to include a few options that were healthier, like the Love Bug Applesauce Cup and my very own Valentine’s Day Snack Mix. That last one is great because it comes with printable follow along instructions for the kids to count and choose the items they want in their mix. Check out the other creative Valentine Treats below:

Valentine's Day Class Party Ideas (2)
  1. Marshmallow Arrows from Joy in the Works
  2. Love Bug Applesauce Cup from The Keeper of the Cheerios
  3. Strawberry Heart Man Snack from The Crafting Chicks
  4. Valentine’s Day Tic Tac ToeSnack from Views from a Step Stool
  5. DIY Valentine’s Day Snack Mix from Joy in the Works
  6. Love Shack Candy House from Joy in the Works
  7. Ladybug Oreos from For Modern Kids
  8. Valentine’s Rice Krispie Treats from Joy in the Works
  9. Teddy Graham Valentines from The Decorated Cookie
  10. Shot Through the Heart Brownies from It’s Always Autumn
  11. Valentine White Chocolate Popcorn from Gimmie Some Oven
  12. Hershey’s Kiss Cookies from Life is Sweets
  13. Marshmallow Love Bugs from The Decorated Cookie
  14. Valentine’s Day Fruit Wands from A Few Short Cuts

Valentine’s Day Activities and Games

As I have said many times before, I firmly believe that the success of a Class Valentine’s Day Party (or any Children’s Party) depends on the games and activities they play. I really worked hard to find ideas here that would work for older and younger elementary students. It can be so hard when you are planning a Class Valentine’s Day Party for 3rd-5th grade! When you get to that age, I think games are really fun, as well as themed science experiments. I have even been known to get my high schooler to join us in some of these Valentine’s Day Activities!

Valentine's Day Class Party Ideas (3)
  1. Valentine’s Day Slime from Little Bins for Little Hands
  2. Dancing Conversation Hearts from Playdough to Plato
  3. Fizzy Hearts from Little Bins for Little Hands
  4. DIY Heart Bubble Wands from Go Science Girls!
  5. Cupid’s Target Practice from Joy in the Works
  6. Valentine’s Day Tic TacToe from Joy in the Works
  7. Hershey’s Kiss Matching Game from Creations by Kara
  8. Conversation Hearts Questions from Arts and Crackers
  9. Heart Plate Math Games from Joy in the Works
  10. Valentine Headbanz from The Crafting Chicks
  11. Cupid Arrow Toss from Playground Park Bench
  12. Conversation Heart Bingo from Artsy Fartsy Mama
  13. Valentine Yahtzee from The Idea Room
  14. Heart Hopscotch from Toddler Approved
  15. Valentine Skiball from Handmade Charlotte
  16. Conversation Hearts Catapult from Joy in the Works
  17. Heart Marshmallow Toothpick Structure from Buggy and Buddy
  18. Musical Hearts from Teach Mama
  19. Valentine’s Day Word Scramble from Happiness is Homemade
  20. Valentine Bean Bag Toss from Preschool Toolkit
  21. Chocolate Playdough from PreK Pages
  22. Roll a Love Bug Printable from Inspiration Made Simple

Valentine’s Day Crafts

Last, but not least, when planning a Class Valentine’s Day Party, you might want to consider adding some crafts to the mix! I find these to be especially successful for grades K-2nd. I also tried to include some ideas that the boys would be interested in as well. I know they love the candy and sweets of Valentine’s Day, but sometimes the hearts and love stuff can get a bit old for them (and some girls too!) Here are my favorite Valentine’s Day Crafts:

Valentine's Day Class Party Ideas (4)
  1. Bleeding Hearts Tissue Paper Art from Walking By The Way
  2. Popsicle Stick Trucks from Glued to my Crafts Blog
  3. Valentine’s Day Popsicle Stick Frame from Craft Create Cook
  4. Valentine Bookmarks from Carla Schauer Studios
  5. Conversation Heart Rocks from Views from a Step Stool
  6. Love Bug Craft from One Creative Mommy
  7. Fingerprint Heart Tree from Easy, Peasy and Fun
  8. Heart Spin Painting from Projects with Kids
  9. Robot Valentines from Crafts By Amanda
  10. Conversation Heart Wreath from Simple Everyday Mom
  11. Heart Mason Jar Lanterns from Homemade Serenity
  12. Lacing Heart Paper Plate from Easy, Peasy and Fun
  13. Heart Craft Suncatcher from Easy, Peasy and Fun
  14. Construction Paper Heart Man from Resourceful Mama

Those are my favorite Valentine’s Day Class Party Ideas for Elementary School, but I admit every time I am on Pinterest, I find something else I love even more! Follow along for my latest inspiration- my Class Valentine’s Day board or even just my profile!

Would love to hear from you- are you the Class Room Mom, the Class Party Planner or a Classroom Teacher? Do you have any favorite Valentine’s Day Class Party Ideas that you would like to share? Or any tips for managing all those little ones during the craziness of a holiday party?! Comment below!

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Valentine's Day Class Party Ideas (6)

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Valentine's Day Class Party Ideas (2024)
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